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Certified injector tells me that the restalyne lip injections I received 2 weeks ago look great. I'm not convinced? (photo)

I think the sides look too full. And I think that is changing my smile slightly. And I can see what I called "lumps" around the outside of my lips. Please help! READ MORE

Lip border is now lighter in some spots? (photo)

Is there any way to fix when a restalyne injection has lightened your outer lip border? READ MORE

What would be your suggestion to correct my weak chin? (Photo)

I do not think it is severe, but it does bother me. I do not have TMJ that needs correcting. Does it warrant a chin implant? Could some type of filler work? I think that from... READ MORE

I have scars from bug bites on my shin and thigh. What can I do?

Bug bites left scars on my legs. What can I do? They are about 5-6 months old and have not faded. I don't believe that they are going to. I would be shocked if anything over... READ MORE

Indentation or crooked? (Photo)

What would the best way to correct the symmetry of my nose? And now, at least 8 months after the most recent (among about 5) lip injections, I now notice That my lips no longer... READ MORE

Picked mole scab has spread (Photo)

Is it possible for a "normal" mole to have a scab that oozes when disturbed and has the liquid seems to cause the scab to grow or spread? I know I shouldn't have picked and in... READ MORE