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I Have Dozens of Small Cysts in Both Breasts - and my Breasts Are Very Large and Heavy Although I Am Not Overweight?

I am 45 and not yet menopausal. Can I have a breast reduction/uplift with these cysts. Are they cysts likely to recur following a reduction READ MORE

Very Unhappy with Asymmetry After Breast Reduction?

Reduction (34ff to about 34d) 12 days ago & it was apparent immediately there was some asymmetry. I brought this up in hospital - they said it was due to uneven tape... READ MORE

Persistent Assymetry 8 Weeks After Breast Reduction on Cystic Breasts - when is Revision Advisable?

I still have significant swelling and redness of my lower right breast, which is visbly larger, 8 weeks postop. Additionally, my right nipple is a cm higher than the left. the... READ MORE

Lack of Symmetry and Nipple Sensation After Surgery, is This Down to Choice of Surgical Technique? (photo)

I had a breast reduction three months ago and am not happy with the results. I still have swelling and redness, additionally my breasts & nipples are asymmetrical. I also... READ MORE

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Know how you feel - it is quite a shock & the recovery is taking way longer than I thought. Been very up and down. Sure in 6 months we will be thrilled with the Xmas/new year outfits we can wear. Chin up x READ COMMENT

I am more upset about the way I look than anyone else! infact i think there must be something wrong with my husband ... He was thrilled with them before (& in my view they were a mess) & immediately after the surgery. Still is now 3... READ COMMENT

Hi, thanks so much for putting so much info on line. It is really hard to know if what you look like after surgery is normal - the before/after pictures are often months after surgery. I had my surgery 3 weeks ago - we look about the... READ COMMENT

Week 3 post op and first spin class! Stayed in the seat, to avoid the bouncing but no problems. Fantastic to get back in the gym. Still some swelling on one side but no worse after spin. READ COMMENT

Phew .... 17 days after reduction asymmetry seems to be resolving and scars looking a lot better. Been shopping and dropped a clothes size - everything looks sooo much better with out the massive boobs in the way. Real boost after... READ COMMENT