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My eyes feel tight all the time. Does that make sense? LOL. Scars feel thick, although it will only be a Monday on Wednesday. One of my co-workers was a surgical assistant in this type of surgery for better than 5 years and tells... READ COMMENT

I'm almost 3 weeks post op and I keep saying I wish I hadn't had the upper eyelid surgery done. My friends and others (on this site) tell me the same thing. Be patient and give it time. While my incisions are healed and hardly... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your input. Saw doctor today - 12 days post op. He was thrilled with my results thus far. He removed the stitches (said everything is healing just as it should), drained my tear ducts (weird feeling) and removed the slight... READ COMMENT

Yeah, I think I reached FOREVER today. LOL It's Mother's Day and here I sit... not wanting to be seen like this at a restaurant with my family. Will wait and celebrate next week as the stitches come out tomorrow. Eyes just so heavy... READ COMMENT

Did you continue using the Arnica tabs post op? I've finished mine and I'm only taking the Super Bromelain the doctor had me begin taking one week pre-op for swelling/bruising too. Yeah, those peas defrost quickly. I found frozen... READ COMMENT