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Does a Pre-jowl Chin Implant Also Help Project Forward a Weak Chin? (photo)

I have pre jowls and a weak chin (medium size chin implant suggested at 3 consults with facial plastic surgeons). The pre jowl implant was suggested to me by one surgeon, and I... READ MORE

How Relevant is the Nose a Dr. Starts with on a Patient Before Surgery to What He Can Do with It?

For example, if a patient has a really out of proportion nose, is it more difficult to get it into proportion that someone whose is not that bad to begin with? If a Dr. did his... READ MORE

How Long Does Perlane Last in Chin Area Usually? Should I Wait 1 Year After to Get Mentoplasty?

I have a recessed chin and want to get chin surgery. I got injected 7 mo. ago and I see it starting to come out, not sure if it's all gone though. One Dr told me to wait a year... READ MORE

What is the benefit of the dressing used by some docs after mentoplasty?

I was told some docs do this and others don't. What's the purpose for those that choose to use this? READ MORE

Anything I can do about possible permanent discoloration from massage after rhinoplasty? Vitamins, etc?

I had 2 massages sitting up while I still had bruising from rhinoplasty (2 weeks post op) and later read it can cause permanent discoloration (gray and brown where bruising is)... READ MORE

Is any type of paper tape ok after rhinoplasty?

The kind the Dr. gave me a super adhesive tape that is hard to remove even when wet. Can I use a less adhesive tape or is it less effective at compressing the nose? I'm worried... READ MORE

What could be the reason for ear pain after rhino/septo/turbinoplasty if it's not an ear infection?

My Dr. looked and said it's not an ear infection. I'm 3 weeks post op and still in pain. The pain comes and goes. Two weeks ago it was only with pressure I felt pain, now it's... READ MORE

Would it be safe to do revision rhino 9 mo. after a small amount of Radiesse was injected in nose?

I didn't realize it can stay up to 2 years. The revision would be 1 year post op but only 9 mo. post Radiesse. I think my doc took too much out of my dorsum which is the only... READ MORE

If part of lip and chin is numb 3 mo. post op mentoplasy, and implant is displaced should I get it redone right away?

I think it's hitting a nerve. I heard a lot of docs like to wait 6 mo. post op to redo chin to lessen chance of excessive scar tissue and possible uneven smile but b/c mine's... READ MORE