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Nothing wrong with the implant but prefer upturned mouth corners and plumpness of Injections... 5mm Permalip Top Lip Only

Read reviews here before doing surgery. I am so glad I decided to do it! The result is great. I feel so much more confident having some volume to my upper lip and not having to worry about the temporary fillers fading. My implant was placed at the wet-dry border so it doesn't stand out as being in the mustache area and looks very natural. Wish I had done this sooner. I am completely satisfied.... READ MORE

Questions from missmoofie

Juvederm lip injections lasted a week?

My jaw alignment makes my upper lip appear small. i'm 17. i have been told i needed surgery on my jaw. but no one notices it excpet me and doctors.... lol. b/c of this jaw... READ MORE

At 18 - Would I be a candidate for a tummy tuck, liposuction, etc? I am 5'1 and 115 pounds? (photo)

Afraid of missing out at young age! My stomach has been... for lack of a better word, "loose" for as long as I can remember. I was overfed as a child. I have avoided all... READ MORE

Hair loss after bleach/extensions. What do I do? Will it ever grow back? (photo)

In 2010 I had gorgeous healthy thick brown hair. By 2011 I dyed my hair platinum blonde. My hair was cut short and I then got micro-link extensions. I continued to have bleach... READ MORE

Is it okay for me to use tanning beds to treat my depression?

I am very depressed living in a cold environment. I am depressed BECAUSE I am pale, so when I tan, my depression seems to just melt away, I swear! I've only used tanning beds... READ MORE

I want to use tanning beds. Isn't the danger of skin cancer NOT CATCHING the moles in time for treatment?

I am depressed because I am so pale. I use self tanners, but have developed a bit of a bipolar disorder from how the fake tan fades, so I go from being really confident to... READ MORE

How often is it okay for me to get lip injections?

When I get lip injections, they fade REALLY fast. I'm pretty young so my metabolism is really high. Anyways, I want to get lip injections every 1-2 months. Is this okay? I was... READ MORE

Can I get lip injections every month (or every other month)? Or should I just get an implant? (photos)

I want my top lip to be the same size as my bottom lip, NOT smaller. I have gotten a half syringe, a full syringe and TWO syringes of filler into my top lip. The look is... READ MORE

Should I get a lip lift and would it affect my nose tip? (Photo)

See how my teeth don't even really show when I smile? I have veneers and you dont even get to see them. I do have a bit of a long nose tip (Kim K pre surgery) When I smile,... READ MORE

Is tanning really that bad? What about early detection? I feel so sick and sun deprived. I just want some color!!!

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be my skin tone. I look and feel so much better with a tan. I spray tan, but the down time in between depresses me. I check... READ MORE

Is a cheek implant revision more difficult than the initial surgery?

I just had terino malar medium shell cheek implants put in yersteday. Obviously there is a lot of swelling still but immediately after surgery I saw them and just knew they... READ MORE

Will I regret getting medium malar cheek implants when im older? I'm 18 and just got them. Should I downsize for the future?

I am SO glad I have volume to my cheeks with these implants. I was so depressed before,& now I'm MUCH happier& actually feel beautiful for once. Suddenly all of my dreams seem... READ MORE

Can I get undereye filler after cheek implants? Are these eye bags caused by swelling or did implants create hollows? (Photo)

5 days post op and my skin especially my under eye bags are saggy/droopy. I am only 18 so before surgery my under eye bags were perfect. I am happy to have full cheeks because... READ MORE

Acute area of pain in my cheek following implants? I am so happy with the look. If I damaged nerve, is it ok to just leave it?

From what I read it sounds like a nerve is pinched there or something. Is this serious? Because I love the look and can withstand the pain, at least I'll sadly try. I was in so... READ MORE

Removing solid silicone lip implant to get silicone injections? How soon after removal can I get the injections? (photos)

I got a 5mm lip implant in my upper lip. I almost didn't get it because I thought it would look too big or fake. Instead, it didn't really make a difference. Maybe bc it's... READ MORE

Breast aug under local with NO sedation possible? I am a really tough cookie! What type of implants/where should they be placed?

I would like to get a breast aug under local with no sedation. Is this possible? If not I'd rather not do it. If yes I'd do it tomorrow lol. I am a tough cookie. I don't want... READ MORE

I am desperate for upper jaw surgery, have veneers. What can be done? Can it be under local? Botox gummy smile surgery? (photos)

I hate the way my face looks when talking /smiling; it looks so awkward. My upper set of teeth & mouth & lip seems so far back. The sides of my nose go up, my nose tip seems... READ MORE

Help, I'm so scared, sad and regretful. Have I butchered my lips for life by getting the Permalip implant? Scar tissue? (photos)

When it was placed I had a huge amount of bruising in one spot. My dr had to pull and tug really hard on that one spot to get the implant through. But the implant was not as... READ MORE

Distorted lip after injection while I had an implant? Is there ANY danger to getting filler after removal of Permalip? (photos)

5mm implant placed in upper lip. Added syringe of filler to lip with the implant in, & it made the lip distorted.Why? Is it bent? Should I get implant removed now? Might the... READ MORE

Did applying sunscreen to one part of my arm permanently alter the pigment in my skin, bleach it, or damage it? (photos)

I have two moles on my upper arm. I was outside about a month ago and I put some zinc based sunscreen on that area just to protect those moles while I was outside. I only put... READ MORE

Will exercise shift my cheek implants? Should I tape them in place?

I'm obsessed with and love my result but I don't want to ruin it. Yet at the same time I need to get in shape. I never exercised before the implants because my face was so... READ MORE

Can I get a mini facelift /lower bleph at 18 after cheek implant removal?

I feel so upset with myself that I got cheek implants. I regret the procedure and am done with plastic surgery now. However I need to be prepared for what will happen after I... READ MORE

2 months post op Cheek Implants, if I get them removed, would my face sag?

Since I didn't go to medical school I don't know the ins and outs of tissue reattaching to bone? Please advise on face sagging. I've had my cheek implants in for 2 months.... READ MORE

Dent in lip after filler added to Permalip. Is it risky to replace a permalip implant and would it make a difference? (Photo)

I had Permalip placed in upper lip. Result was fabulous. Then I got cheek implants which changed my lip shape. I added filler but somehow doing so created a small dent on the... READ MORE

Will Permalip implant ever have to be removed in the long term? What will happen as I age? Is it weighing down my lip? (photo)

5mm perma lip implant upper lip only. I am happy with the result. However I saw that one doctor answered a question and stated that he is against lip implants because with time... READ MORE

Recent comments from missmoofie

Agreed! :)))) Filler is best. Idk why the difference isn't huge with the implant. It surprised me. READ COMMENT

It definitely won't damage the implant. I just liked the look of the filler distributed evenly in my natural lip shape, not augmenting the shape of the implant READ COMMENT

Thank you very much for your comment. It's amazing how just some positive words can mean so much. I am glad this review was helpful. Yes I am doing a LOT of research on my options right now and interviewing many, many doctors. Thank you... READ COMMENT

My cheeks /mid face / under eye bags are sagging after removal of my cheek implants, and sadly taping my face did not really make a difference. I will be getting a cheek lift to hopefully correct the sag. Have you gotten your implants... READ COMMENT

You know what... It might be that they are too big. I have wondered that. I am only 5'1, so maybe if they made an XS implant, that would have been best. However, I know a girl who got small submalar and regretted it. So I think the... READ COMMENT