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Did Not Provide Follow-up - Kansas City, MO

Could not receive an honest answer anywhere about my prior nose work and its low quality This doctor carelessly removed my uvula (w/ no prior diagnostics), along w/ doing my turbinates & "cleaning up" the flesh tissue around nostrils. Even made slight comments in a negative light regarding my prior nasal surgery, yet would not elaborate & did the incorrect things anyway. Then wanted nothing... READ MORE

Septoplasty, Turbinates, UPPP - Kansas City, MO

Terrible quality septo incited the other un-needed work/s. How can this be remedied? My life is over. He left me w/ a very crooked bite (from the terribly positioned/shaved septum, valve collapse, and numerous other issues that he of course would not address, and went on these fool's errands and had other unneccessary stuff done. Unbeleiveable. READ MORE

Forehead / Hairline Scar Revision Sutures Removed; Very Concerned

I have about a 2.5 cm scar located on my upper forehead/in the hairline. I had the scar revision procedure done, to obviously promote less visibility.I am now worried and miserable. My procedure was done monday, June 22 around 2 in the afternoon. Ten little sutures were left in place. Doc said to return in 1 week. Nurse removed my sutures around 11am on monday, June 29. Exactly 7 days. I... READ MORE

Questions from lwfm

When Do Suture Marks Disappear After Scar Revision?

What sould I do? I have read about a lot of diffrent time frames: 3-5, 4-6, even some 3-8 days for facial suture removal. Which instance fits my particular situation? Will the... READ MORE

Are Dents from Scar Revision Sutures Permanent?

Is there anything I can do for 7 day suture marks? Are they permanent? Will the marks/puncture dots be permanent around a forehead scar (revisioned) after removal the 7 day... READ MORE

Imbalances and Breathing Problems After Septoplasty

Had procedure. Was told I had a collapse, then that surgeon "in hindsight should have shaved more off turbinate," and it's probably a nasal valve issue. Quality of life was... READ MORE

When/what Symptoms Make Revision Septoplasty a Necessity?

Underwent septoplasty (6 months ago), and since it seems I consistently had under eye tension, headache, breathing "imbalance" feeling, &"moisture" type issue: Dehydrated... READ MORE

Still Have Issues After Septoplasty

Septoplasty, turbinates, nasal valve, still issues? Had a septo/open nose fracture reduct followed later by other above two procedures as surgeons didn't seem to want to try... READ MORE

Surgical Treatments for Rhinitis Sicca / Empty Nose Syndrome (ENS)?

Anyone whom doubts the realism of said condition is living in the past or denial. Anyone have any answers/offers of how to address? Nasal work has many more implications and... READ MORE

Bad ENT Surgeries and Their Life Quality Repercussions... What Now???

Had a bad septoplasty;Leans to the rt side-deviated completely, valve collapse, bite was even completely crooked, he didn't even touch other side of the septum.Multiple... READ MORE

Credible Nasal Reconstruction Surgeons in KS?

Is there anyone in the midwest (Kansas to be exact) if you can't afford to travel that can fix a surgically worsend deviated septum with a surgically traumed turbinate on... READ MORE

Revision Septoplasty for Assault Victim - Options? Recourse?

Hi,robbery and assault vic-resulted in a cheekbone/orbital fracture. Overlooked at KUmed,got an awful septo where he cut out bone on "nasal floor",face looks... READ MORE

Kansas Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons

Got beyond screwed up from a butchering nasal surgery. Blocked from KU med center because I made the mistake of trusting the initial surgeon whom did the septo/open nose reduc... READ MORE

How can I find a good revision surgeon?

Had no insurance and was "treated" with the worst, laziest nasal septo/fracture reduction job ever. Very unhappy and in need of a potenital rib cartiliage... READ MORE

Is There an Affordable Way to Remedy "Aggressive-Resectioning"?

How *when Broke* to Remedy "Aggressive-resectioning",collapsed Valve,&bone Cut when Surgeon Not Interested in Fixing His Damage?  Please no "find board... READ MORE

Disallowing General ENT's W/out Spec Training or Creating a New Credentail Pertaining to Performing Nasal Work

Believe the spectrum is left MUCH to broad on this,as the patient should not have to sift through the dishonest and not so straight-forward,nor be mislead when seaching for a... READ MORE

Is there a Relationship Between Hair Loss & Aggressive Over-resectioning Nose Job?

I believe there is definitely a relationship & find it frustrating that many surgeons deny this, yet I have had some doctors tell me that there IS a relationship. Any weigh... READ MORE

I'm 6 years post op, and still having problems. What are my options?

No left nasal wall (carelessly removed), no left turbinate or valve cartilage. Right side - collapsed nasal wall, some removed cartilage and the cartilage from a valve repair.... READ MORE

Multiple nose butcherings, endless hell. Why such a crooked and endless circle of getting the run around?

My face was/is severely disfigured. 'Septoplasty open nose fracture reduction'. No left nasal wall, missing much of that side of septum too, collapsed nasal valve cartilage... READ MORE

Discussions started by lwfm

Shouldn't There Be a Crack-down on Whom is Allowed/qualified to Perform Nasal Surgeries?

Patient shouldn't have todo guess work or sift through whose being forthright, who cares & whom doesn't, right? After the fact (whether bad or good) it's going... READ MORE

To doctors Michael Elam & Jacob Freiman in response pertaining to aggressive/unsatisfactory nasal surgery

Well, in my view (upon reading of many similar experiences & having some doctors admit to the POSSIBILITY of hair loss from the nasal surgery- as it hardly seems... READ MORE

Recent comments from lwfm

I know. Been having those off days for 6 years and counting. No one gets it/cares unless it has happened to them. Worst thing EVER. I used to love going out and experiencing life! They should devote their efforts towards preventing this... READ COMMENT

Then why is she showing perfect reviews as if this disfiguring life ruining occurrence is hidden? READ COMMENT

Yes he certainly was certified, that credential does not always compensate or guarantee quality care & expertise in the specific rhino-realm though or even honor unfortunately- pertaining to my particular horrid experience with the... READ COMMENT

Yes, was already well aware of this approach to remedy that, as I was forced to do lots of reading and research when very few would be straight forward about what was all done wrongly to me. Unfortunately for me in reality they screwed... READ COMMENT

I must disagree, because if you read around about empty nose syndrome- there's multiple websites such as emptynosesyndrome.org (a Christopher Martin even wrote a book about the subject), & it is referred to as an "iatrogenic condition"... READ COMMENT