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It's About Me, Not Anyone Else. - Chicago, IL

I, like most, have been thinking for years of getting my face done - it is time now. Botox and fillers have kept me going, but they can't do anything for my neck which this year has started to droop and wrinkle-that puckering- nor take care of the jowls (aren't they the worst?) I hate having a square face. I certainly don't feel like I look, and it is amazing what the years have done over... READ MORE

Latisse - Chicago, IL

Tired of my thinning, aging eyelashes I took the plunge and purchased Latisse from my PS on March 20. I did my research, discussed with the patient coordinator and thought if it worked it was well worth the price. This definitely works although I do not notice that my lashes are thicker only longer perhaps with continued use they will get thicker. I also wipe the excess on my eyebrows-don't... READ MORE

Questions from imagingboomer

Post FL - face feeling "hard" or "stiff". What causes this?

What causes the "hardness" of face after a face lift? I've read this in several postings and am curious about this post surgical problem which goes away eventually. I... READ MORE

How does the surgeon know what the result will be if working on a patient laying down if marked when sitting up?

Surgeons mark the face, neck, etc. prior to surgery when patient is standing or sitting up, but when the patient is laying down how does the surgeon know what the result will... READ MORE

Facelift/necklift, so many "after" photos show a small pouch of hanging skin under chin. Why is that?

I've noticed in many "after" pics that there seems to be more often than not loose skin right under chin on many patients. I want to rid myself of that double chin/turkey thing... READ MORE

My front teeth all have crowns.

I remember when I had foot surgery the anestheologist asked about that and I have read on some of the postings about concerns with veneers, crowns, etc. I am contemplating... READ MORE

Neck lift / Face Lift swelling - where does it go?

This may be odd but most reviews I have read indicate the reason to keep head elevated is so swelling will move downward but isn't that stretching the neck skin causing it to... READ MORE

Moisturizer Post- Facelift /Neck lift doesn't soak in on the swollen skin. Why is that?

I'm one week in from FL and I've noticed that my SkinMedica moisturizer isn't soaking in the skin. This is most evident along the hairline (where sutures are) and the areas... READ MORE

Can crowned teeth be whitened?

I have crowns on front teeth (4) which over the years have stained and darkened. I got the crowns because my teeth were aging and the color was awful. Can anything whiten teeth... READ MORE

Dry, flaky skin post facelift.

I am about 45 days post FL and skin is very dry and flaky, even my ears have slight flaking. What causes this and how can I combat it? I didn't have any resurfacing, laser, etc... READ MORE

How well are the new upper arm applicators working for Coolsculpt?

No amount of exercise will get rid of hanging upper arms (bat wings) and I was wondering what success rate is for doing that part of body. Also does the skin get loose after... READ MORE

4 months after FL my face gets extremely red when it's hot out or after I exercise. Is this because I am still healing?

It always took a lot for me to break a sweat and now after FL (no laser, etc.) I feel my face sweats and turns bright red very easily. Is this because I am still in the healing... READ MORE

Non-invasive fix for jowels post FL surgery two years ago.

I had a facelift, etc. in 2015 at the age of 70. I am so disappointed with the jowls which was one of the main things I wanted fixed. I'd say my jaw line looked good for maybe... READ MORE

Discussions started by imagingboomer

Little double chin after surgery

I have looked through many before & after photos and noticed many folks have this residual hanging skin or small double chin after a NL/FL and I wondered why.  I also have... READ MORE

sutures/staples eyebrow lift

Hi, has anyone had problems with hairloss after an endoscopic browlift? My hair is thin as it is just wondering about post procedure hair loss.  Thanks READ MORE

Water Pik after FL/NL

Did anyone find a water pik useful right after surgery it brushing is difficult?  My water pik has a very low setting and I was thinking using water and mouthwash might be... READ MORE

Anyone use dry shampoo

Hi, has anyone used a dry shampoo instead of trying to wash hair for first week?  It seems this might be a good option the dry shampoos of today aren't like the gunky... READ MORE

Recent comments from imagingboomer

My last time at the Dentist I asked what could be done with my lower teeth which have shifted as the years go by - just like my boobs LOL We discussed Invisalign what it could do, how long it would take and the cost (ouch). Being me I... READ COMMENT

Beautiful, you must be thrilled. I'm at the should I or shouldn't I stage. My last dental appointment on an impulse asked about fixing my bottom teeth. We had a short discussion and dentist thought I'd be good candidate. I'm sure... READ COMMENT

Yea, glad to see someone my age who is getting Invisalign. I just today discussed with my dentist about straightening my bottom teeth which are very crooked. I'm be following your progress and comments about the procedure. It's crazy... READ COMMENT

Hi, I don't get on this site much anymore and your response makes me feel better about the post SX look and now. I was hoping for longer lasting results on the jowls, but it is what it is. We must move on and be happy with the results... READ COMMENT

I've moved out of state so my go to PS isn't available. I don't look like a bulldog, not yet anyway so it's just what I think I see in the mirror LOL Having to look for another PS for injections just isn't appealing to me right now. ... READ COMMENT