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Hey, so your doc approved sports bra too after one week. I wore my surgical bra one more time last night and it makes sleeping horrible so im gonna buy some bras now. Congrats, looking good! READ COMMENT

Haha so good I'm not alone about the stertum skin! I have read a lot about it wing normal and the swelling will go down soon! I actually look a lot like my nursing boobs now, which are pretty natural. I was anticipating these high... READ COMMENT

How are you feeling? Woke up this morning feel ing pretty great, off pain meds two days ago and that has significantly helped with the bloat. Only concern is my swelling sternum and cleavage area, hoping that goes down and these puppies... READ COMMENT

Hello, I am post op day 4 and am experiencing a lot of sternum, cleavage, and a little under boob swolleness, did you find this, did your PS say it was ok? It does get a tiny bit bitter everyday especially since stopping the pain meds... READ COMMENT

Yeah my bra is so tight it makes it so difficult to sleep. I also have bubbles in my chest and sometimes if I move to quick I get like a squish pop sound in my armpit. Also my sternum is so swollen, it kills! Is your sternum swollen? He... READ COMMENT