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Questions from NikkiMA

What is the Best Option for a Small Double Chin? (photo)

I have had several consultations now and the advice has ranged from do nothing to micro lipo or vaser to a chin implant. Chin fillers have also been suggested. I'd be... READ MORE

Is Liposuction Using a Micro Cannula As Effective As Options Such As Vaser or Smart Lipo? Can It Remove As Much Fat?

I've read online that the results of a micro cannula are not as dramatic. Is that likely to be true for a 29 year old female looking for liposuction on the chin / jaw area? READ MORE

Is It Possible for a Chin Implant to Only Change the Profile if You're Only Looking for Projection of the Chin?

I recently posted photos on here of my receding chin. Most of the suggestions included a chin implant but after reading the reviews on this site it makes me very nervous. I... READ MORE

What Options Are There for a Woman in Her 20s with a Weak Profile and Jawline That is Not Caused by Fat?

I was planning on getting liposuction to this area but after several consultations, it seems that there is only minimal fat in this area and that my weak jaw line and double... READ MORE

Is It Worth Trying a Trampoline Neck Lift with Liposuction Before Getting a Full Neck Lift?

I need minor liposuction of my chin and a reputable surgeon in the US has offered to include a trampoline lift for the same price because he said the results of liposuction... READ MORE

Best Type of Neck Lift for a Female in Mid 20s? Is It Too Young for a Neck Lift to Correct a Hereditary Low Hyoid Bone? (photo)

I have never had a neck angle. I thought liposuction would help but after seeing several Board Certified surgeons, it is clear the main problem is a low hyoid bone/ muscles and... READ MORE

I Had Vaser of my Lower Abs and Flanks 3 1/2 Weeks Ago Should Some of the Swelling Have Gone Down by Now? (photo)

I went to a Board Certified Surgeon for vaser and he did warn me that I would be swollen for months, but I was expecting to be a normal size by now. He is now on vacation for... READ MORE

Are Fillers a Good Idea to Test Whether to Go Ahead with a Chin Implant? My Surgeon Suggested Trying a Filler Before

A chin implant put in. If I go ahead with the implant I will be having a 5mm implant inserted for projection only. Will a filler give me a view on what the will be like? I am... READ MORE

Is This a Button Chin Implant? (photo)

Decide to go ahead.I would like some second opinions as the negative reviews of chin implants on this site are making me very nervous. I only want projection to my chin (5mm)-... READ MORE

Is the Attached Photo Attainable for Me? Note my Profile is Caused by a Small Chin and Low Hyoid As Opposed Excess Fat. (photo)

As you can see in the attached photo, a slight manipulation of my chin and neck makes an incredible difference to my profile. I assume my chin is a straightforward case but I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Neck Lift Without Skin Tightening?

I am relatively young with excellent skin quality but my neck seems to blend in with my chin. I don't have much fat and have a slightly receding chin (3mm) but my main problem... READ MORE

Is Recovery Easier when Having a Small Chin Implant (3mm) Compared to Larger Implants?

I'm a 28 year old woman having a 3mm medpor chin implant with shaved wings inserted under the chin in October. I have seen some horror stories regarding recovery but most... READ MORE

What can be done for dark under eye circles? (photo)

I'm 30 and have always had mild dark circles under my eyes but I have noticed that they seem to be getting worse. What is the best treatment to address this? READ MORE

Should there be lumps 10 days after having juvederm injected? (Photo)

I had juvaderm injected into the sides of my mouth to address my down turned mouth. However, 10 days later the corners of my mouth look odd with an obvious outline and I can... READ MORE

Are there any non surgical options to address facial proportions and rounded nasal tip? (Photo)

Something about my facial proportions is off but I can't determine what it is. I think it is possibly the width of my cheeks and the roundness of my nose front on which seems... READ MORE

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