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Amazing Dr and Loving Person - Dominican Republic, DO

Disla is a great P.S! she treats us like humans not money. she worries about her patients and she doesn't let anybody get in between her patients, if she wants something done it has to be the way she says. if not, Oh boy you're gonna hear it from her. but it's for the patients safety, she doesn't do it to be rude. If I can recommend her to anyone new, I would tell them to go to Dr. Disla, she... READ MORE

future cabral doll

After searching I finally decided to go to cipla w dr cynthia I looked for her after sEen jn6 post about her and website had b4 and after pictures of my dream boobs lol.I emailed her she responded the nxt day and gave me my awsome quote :) so I spoke t her and got my date. Its gonna b and my daughter So guess what ladies lol.I change my day lol a month b4 now m goin in sept 23 havin surgey... READ MORE

Questions from olivia09

What size implant will I need? (photo)

Hi I had put on 350ccs high profile implants but I think I'm big I only measue 4'10" and weight 102 .my boob measurennts on the fullest of the breast says I'm 34 inches thts... READ MORE

Weight gain for BBL? (photo)

Im 4'10.....100 pds I wanna get a nice curves but really dnt have fat I had a lipo w fat transfer it gave me 35 inches on butt but I want it to b more precise how much weight... READ MORE

Will having big Intestine will affect a tummy tuck?

I had a tt done 4 months ago and im not flat I get super big durin tht day I ask my ps if I needed to pull my skin some more she said no tht im not flat mayb cause I have big... READ MORE

Will breast implant removal change my size?

I have 350cc implants and w them im a D cup b4 implants i was a B to a C cuo.if i get them removed w a lift will i b a size B or will i go dwn to A cup thanks for ur answrs READ MORE

Best breast implants size

Im 32A I measure 4'10 weight 103 small petite body if I want to be a size 32B what size implants will I get how many cc's and wich profile I dnt want the implants to covet my... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck but I feel I have more skin to be pulled. Would it be better to get a mini tummy tuck?

I had a tummy tuck But I feel I have a little more skin to b pulled Can it b better just to get a mini tummy tuck? Will Tht make my scar look much smaller Now it's from hip to... READ MORE

I had a breast lift 3 months ago. What can I do? (Photo)

I had a bl 3 months ago.thos is my second one.i taught I will b better.but I always get this tick scars at the end also my areola turns wide again Is this normal Is this... READ MORE

Is this normal 4 months post op? (Photo)

I got a tummy tuck 4 months ago And I've been feeling pain in my belly button 3 days now I get very swollen aswell In the morning I'm super slim Come the afternoon and I'm in... READ MORE

Can this be bloated or my muscles gotten loose. (photos)

I had a tt 6 months ago a revision.but this is how I've been getting latety.i was told my muscles got loosen.how do I kw if they did READ MORE

Is this loose muscles? (Photos)

Hi.i had a tt done 8 months ago.but this is what happens when I bend over even standing u can c the unflat belly up in my upper stomatch.is this normal. Is it loose muscles is... READ MORE

Recent comments from olivia09

I'm there too.I hate my implants.I feel so ugly and big.3 months till mines comes out.ladies dnt let no surgeon talk u into implants if u feel u dnt need them I should've kwn better. READ COMMENT

Like u r crazy lol I wish box shape will look like tht U look good right now U gonna b The bomb when u done READ COMMENT

What is baez doin to u for 3200 READ COMMENT

Hi.did u got ur breast redone also w cabral? READ COMMENT