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Blepharoplasty/Facelift Anesthesia?

Hello Doctors, I want an upper and lower blepharoplasty AND a face and neck lift. I've read on RealSelf that doctors think patients should get both procedures down at the same... READ MORE

Local Anesthesia Question Rephrased?

I posed a question, but perhaps I wasn't clear. I'll rephrase: I understand that a lower blepharoplasty performed under LA provides better results than when performed under GA.... READ MORE

ThermiTight before a Facelift? My face is sliding off.

Hello Doctors, I am going to get a full face and neck lift in July. Is there any benefit to having a ThermiTight cheek/jowl/neck procedure in January? Or would the collagen... READ MORE

Thermi-tight and volume loss?

I'm cursed with bad genes, so at 53 I look older than my age. My face and neck has lost a tremendous amount of volume, and skin is hanging. My jowls are ridiculous. I'm not... READ MORE

How to predict what a facelift will look like?

When I lie on my back, I look pretty good. Is that what I may look like after a facelift? READ MORE

Transcutaneous Blepharoplasty - how much skin can be removed?

My lower lids are baggy and I'm concerned that if I get a lower transcutaneous blepharoplasty, the loose skin will hang. What is the safest amount of skin that can be removed... READ MORE

How long after a Facelift and upper/lower blepharoplasty can I sleep on my side?

I'm a die-hard stomach and side sleeper and one of my greatest concerns about getting a facelift is sleeping on my back. How many weeks do I have to do this after surgery? Thanks! READ MORE

During surgery, eyes or face first?

I'm having a facelift as well as an upper and lower blepharoplasty. The lower will be transcutaneous. In your opinion, is it best to perform the lower blepharoplasty first, or... READ MORE

If you knew then what you know now...

In two months to the day I will be going under the knife - held by a Resident doctor at a teaching hospital. I will be going on my consultation in a week. Do you have any tips... READ MORE

When can I turn my head after face and neck lift surgery?

I'm seeing how much I take for granted my ability to turn my head. When will I be able to turn it safely without ripping apart at the seams? Until that point, do you think a... READ MORE

Jowl Liposuction for Small face?

My face is has fallen and is quite gaunt and thin at the cheeks and under my baggy eyes. Lovely! The skin now presides at my jowls and my stringy neck. A plastic surgeon I'm... READ MORE

Puffy lower lids after Transcutaneous Blepharoplasty?

I had an upper and (transcutaneous) lower blepharoplasty and fat re-draping. My lower lids, after one month are puffy and, on one eye, a bit sensitive. I know it's likely too... READ MORE

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I don't know what you looked like before surgery. Did your doctor excise skin from your lower lids? READ COMMENT

I'm hesitant to use the Dermawand because it's a radiofrequency device. Radiofrequency can liquify fat molecules. We need all the fat and WATER we can get, especially as we age. I have a Dermawand. I used it religiously in my 40's with... READ COMMENT

You healed up in record time!! amazing. any pointers for healing faster? and what's it like having your new neck? READ COMMENT

Would you mind showing us updated photos of your face? READ COMMENT