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Yes I have anthem blue cross blue shield and they approved mines within 1 month READ COMMENT

Maybe since I didnt have the fng my nipples have always been sensitive but they are EXTRA SENSITIVE...... thanks for the tip on the neosporin READ COMMENT

Thanks for the quick response and also I have been using neosporin but i see that you use Vaseline too. I heard that you wont really know the size for a while due t it takes swelling along time before you see the actual results READ COMMENT

Hi Chibbey.....I just had my surgery on July 9th with Dr. Siwy as well. I had tge big lump of glue as well. But im curious on the way she shaped mines. Its like I have a pouch under my arms. Is your the same way? I was just curious on... READ COMMENT

I GOT APPROVED! !!!!!!!!!!!!! Im soooooo excited I have been on this site everyday listening to everyones stories READ COMMENT