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Upper and Lower Eyes Lift and Endoscopic Brow Lift

I have a long review of facelift I had 8 months ago. I needed a small revision to the left jaw (as much as he could do, by jaw on that side I'd larger due to an old fracture). I decided to do my eyes and browlift. Wow! What a difference already, at six days. Amazing. I am having total numbness on forehead and top of head, however, while it's numb I get very achy in brow,... READ MORE

Upper and Lower S As Well As Endoscopic Brow Lift, and Revision to my Prior Facelift -Birmingham, MI

I had a facelift (below the eyes only) last May. ( read my facelift review) I have waited for most of the healing to be done, but do need a small revision to the neck. I originally wanted the eyes done too, but I chickened out. I thought, at least if he messes something up, it won't be my eyes too! I went for my 8 month check up where we discussed all of the above. I have never had... READ MORE

Getting Geared Up for Facelift! - Bingham Farms, MI

I am 54 years old and am feeling and looking very tired My neck and face have been asymmetrical my whole life. I have always had the turkey neck thing going on. My husband died two years ago, and I am extremely self concious now about going out, due to the neck issue. I have wanted this done for years, but how I am looking now (tired) helped me make the decision. I finally took the... READ MORE

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I'm not really sure. It's included in my package after a few months. The nurse said it's to help with tightening and texture of lowers after the lower bleph. I don't have any bruising, thank goodness. Does it hurt?? I am not... READ COMMENT

The only thing that worked for me was a recliner. And my travel neck pillow. If I'm in bed, I roll over and smash my face. :(. The wedge thing drove me crazy, I tried two different types READ COMMENT

I don't see a profile listed for her...... So I hope she sees our good wishes, deener bug! READ COMMENT

Thank you deener! I'm over the moon happy with it :) READ COMMENT

Thank you mely! I hope my reviews have been helpful. It's a lot to go through this, but the end result is worth it :) READ COMMENT