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Going to DR for BBL - Dominican Republic, DO

I'm doing things a little different than what I've been reading here on realself, I'm going to Dr Robles for lipo and bbl and will return at a later date for my TT and breast augmentation. The reason I'm doing it this way is to speed my recovery time and eliminate possible complications from doing both procedures at the same time. Most Dr's saying that the TT will heal better if you do them... READ MORE

I Love my Results with Dr Quiroz - Tijuana, Mexico

I am very pleased with my results!! I had my my brows re positioned which is done with a forehead lift, upper and lower eyes and fat transfer to lips and necklift. My experience with CosMed Clinic was a good one, I was treated very well and the food was also very good. I was picked up at the San Diego Airport by a van that was provided by CosMed Clinic and taken directly to the clinic, I was... READ MORE

Questions from taylorplay1955

What to Do About Upper and Lower Eyes? (photo)

I had upper and lower eyes done 15 years ago, after a few years, little flaps of skin hang down over eyelids, could I get that removed doing upper eye surgery and just have it... READ MORE

Should I Gain More Weight for Bbl/tt with Lipo? (photo)

I am 5'3" and weigh 115. I have extra fat on the tummy and some on the back. Would I need more fat on me to have a bbl with lipo and tt. READ MORE

Should I Get a Forehead Lift? (photo)

I'm scheduled for a face lift and the Dr seems to think that I need a forehead lift, she does not do the endoscopic lift, only the traditional lift. I am afraid of getting the... READ MORE

My Second Face Lift in 20 Years?

Why is it harder for a surgeon to do a face lift on a person who has had one in the past? I am 58 and had a face lift 20 years ago and I need it done again. What is the reason... READ MORE

Would a Mini Arm Lift Work for Me? (photo)

I'm wanting to have an arm lift and have read horror stories on the pain and length of recovery. I would like to have a mini lift since I don't have much to take off. My main... READ MORE

I'm 58 yrs old, 5'3, and 115 lbs. Lipo with Fat Transfer to Butt?

I am 58 years old and very healthy, I'm 5'3" and weight 115 lbs. I want to have Lipo with tummy tuck and fat transfer to butt. I want to have the Lipo with fat transfers to... READ MORE

Will This Pulled Look Relax and Correct Itself? (photo)

I am 18 days post op, I have a pulled look on the right side of my face and the jawline on the same side has a ridge right below the jawline that does not look normal, the... READ MORE

Is Age a Factor in TT and BBL?

I am 58 years old, weigh 115 lbs at 5' 3", I'm in great health and shape except for my tummy and flattened rear. Do you think a TT and BBL is safe for me at my age? I know the... READ MORE

Drains vs no drains, massage vs no massage, compression garment vs no garment. What is right?

I see posts that all Dr's are different on the issues of drains, messages and compression garments, why is this? I want to know why some Dr's advise it and some do not. READ MORE

Is recovery for a TT and BBL easier for a person who is 5'3" and 120 lbs vs a person who is 5'3" and 150 lbs, I am the former.

I have been reading posts on the ladies TT and BBL Recoveries and they say it's a tough recovery, then I read a post from a lady who is my size which is 5'3" and 120 lbs, she... READ MORE

What can I do, if anything to reduce my risks of developing post surgery blood clots?

Are some people more prone to getting blood clots after surgery? Is there any pre surgery precautions a person can take to reduce the risks? I know a compression pump is used... READ MORE

Should I purchase the one piece compression garment or two piece?

I'm having a TT with lipo and bbl. It seems that the separate garments makes better sense to me and would be easier to get on and off, also if your waist is extremely smaller... READ MORE

A doctor told me that a Tummy Tuck could be done but no lipo due to my age. I'm 60 yrs old. Any suggestions?

I would think that the amount of fluids removed during lipo would be controlled by the Dr, I can't see having a TT with no lipo, when it is needed, do you think it's dangerous... READ MORE

Is there a high risk of blood clots during a tummy tuck procedure?

I watched a video of a Dr speaking about tummy tucks, he said, there is a higher risk of blood clots with a tummy tuck than other types of surgery, why is this? READ MORE

should bbl fat be inside muscle or on top?

Is this statement true? I transfer fat inside the muscle; this is mostly to avoid the absorption, and this is because in the muscle there is a mayor blood flow and the cells... READ MORE

If you are given a blood thinning drug after surgery to prevent blood clots, can this cause necrosis? Or increase your chances?

I read that blood thinning drugs can cause necrosis. If you are given a shot or pill after surgery, does this increase your chances of getting necrosis? READ MORE

Recent comments from taylorplay1955

I had my surgery done by the same Dr as Terrora and was there at the same time. I also liked my results but I did look a little odd too. My healing was different on one side of my face, it looked pulled. I purchased a facial elastic... READ COMMENT

Be careful! Do your research. READ COMMENT

MIAMI - Fat clots in her lungs and heart killed a West Virginia woman who died after undergoing a cosmetic procedure at a Hialeah clinic, according to the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner. Heather Meadows, 29, was rushed to Palm Springs... READ COMMENT

You look great. I would love to go to Dr Fisher but, I've heard so many horror stories about his staff. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much. READ COMMENT