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When Does the Scar from Mole Removal Procedure Completely Heal and Change to Skin Color? (photo)

Hey! My doctor removed 3 spots from my hand and one mole from my face by an electric needle one months ago. I had scabs, and the scabs fall out 2 weeks after the procedure. now... READ MORE

Acne Scars on Back and Shoulders?

Hey I have a lot of acne scars on my back. I took accutane 4 years ago and the acne on my face healed. fortunatly in the face I dont have many scars, but in the back i have a... READ MORE

I Would Like to Thin my Body Hairs by Laser Hair Removal?

Hello I have a pale skin and black dark hair. I would like to thin the hairs without make a bald patches. can I do this by laser hair removal? how much treatments do I need to... READ MORE

How can I treat a hypertrophic scar after mole removal surgery? (Photo)

Hello. I did a mole removal surgery in my left arm about 10 monthes ago, the doctor did 3 stitches and now I have hypertrophic scar when the mole and the stitches were. The... READ MORE

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Amazing nose ! READ COMMENT

I am happy to read that your skin healed from this. it looks very scary in the first picture, but after it looks like a natural blush READ COMMENT

Hey thanks for sharing your story ! where did you buy your peel? I want to buy and try to apply TCA peel on dark spots only, I think it will remove or fade them.. from your picture it looks like the peel is very strong.. so it gave... READ COMMENT

Hey I have been using rogain for 3 years, 0.5 ml per day, 5% , and the only side effect I have is a little tachycardia... when I did overdose (more than 2ml per day) I had more severe tachycardia - 120 heart rythem per minute... I... READ COMMENT

Did you do the surgery? good look :) READ COMMENT