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I can totally sympathize. I'm also from Chicago. Had a laser procedure done by a PA at Dermatology Associates of Lagrange in Lagrange Hospital for very minor issues. Redness really. But other than that I had good skin. She burned me.... READ COMMENT

Wow I did a Google search on that "doctor" and he's got 5-star reviews across the board. Don't they all though? Even Angela Walkers "doctor" has almost all 5-star reviews too. Ha. I did do some needling. I had it done by an esthetician... READ COMMENT

People need to see this stuff so they know the truth about lasers and the people who use lasers on others. It takes a lot of courage to post your story. And it does save others from this fate. Thank You. READ COMMENT

Also I think you should put your story here in the IPL section of the Real Self site. I stumbled onto your review on accident. I think you'd get more replies and help in the IPL section. Good Luck to You. READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I truly know your pain. I had a similar experience about 3 years ago with a laser procedure. Just wanted to take care of some broken caps on my face. She botched it. So I have scarring now too. Half... READ COMMENT