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Told Not to Wear Compression Garment and Be Active After Abdominoplasty/lipo. Now Have Seroma. What is the Treatment Guideline?

My PS told me not to wear compression garment after my TT/lipo/mons. His PA told me the same and that I should be active right after my TT. He said be on your feet more than... READ MORE

Help Me to Understand Lymphodemia After Tummy Tuck. Is my Swelling Abnormal?

4 weeks out i am swollen 24/7 w/no change day and night. I feel small fluid-like movement in abdomen when i walk. Swelling is concentrated in lower abdomen and pubic. Painful!... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck a Bulge Had Developed Above my Right Hip at the Incision Line. Is This Normal?

The best way that I can describe it is that it looks kind of like a love handle. I can grab it with my hand and it pretty much fills up my palm. I do not have one on the other... READ MORE

How Does 2-step Mastopexy and Augmentation Look Different Than Single Step?

I am fairly large-chested and have significant ptosis. My surgeon would like to move forward with doing the surgery in two-steps. I asked if what I sent him as my desired look... READ MORE

Abdominal PAIN and Other Problems 3-mos Post Op - Normal or Cause for Concern?

Upper ab hurts since week 4; cannot go w/o the binder wrapped tightly for support. Very painful if I go w/o - get light-headed and headaches. Area above naval feels strange,... READ MORE

In a Medial Thigh Lift What is the Patient Positioning for Markup and Surgery?

Please describe the patient positioning for an inner thigh lift (incision) to knee for during both the markup pre surgery and during surgery. It seems that I will be spread... READ MORE

Is a Breast Tissue Biopsy Mandatory with a Mastopexy?

I am undergoing mastopexy and being charged $300 for a tissue biopsy, which I am told is mandatory for all breast surgeries. I am irate at this -- is someone seriously going to... READ MORE

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THANK YOU!!! I have never had a body like this, not even when I was thin. READ COMMENT

This really sucks. I am so sorry. It is not right that he isn't doing anything for you. I have heard so many patients not happy about their results lately. SMH. I am clear on my thighs, but there are other areas of my body that my... READ COMMENT

Ask him to show you. READ COMMENT