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This Really Happened!! I'm on the flat side- British Columbia, BC

I was thinking about changing my screen name to RS stalker lol I am a 34 yr old mother of 4 -ages 6,4 and 3yr old twins. Yes, apparently I missed the "sex causes babies" and "dont have back to back pregnancies" talk at school ;) I am 5'3 and currently weigh 162. I am very active and was as a child as well. I've always had a large chest, big thighs and booty but pre-kids I had a flat tummy. My... READ MORE

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You're not alone pitmom. Ive been avoiding my ps and avoiding this page because i'm so sad ive gained so much since my tt and breast reduction... still looks way better than before but... sigh... gotta get back on track!! summer is... READ COMMENT

You're not alone... ive been avoiding my ps because I've gained so much weight since my tt and breast reduction :( I hoping the threat of summer and trying to fit into the clothes I bought last summer will kick me into gear but... READ COMMENT

Unless you get to stay in the hotel with an overnight nurse I don't see the point. Im a fully supporter of 1 night stay in the hospital or with an overnight nurse. You really don't live that far away... Seems like an unnecessary expense READ COMMENT

I think I have a splitting stitch coming out around my nipple... Is this serious? My PS office is closed until Tuesday (4days) Jenfrogrn-any advise? READ COMMENT

The exact same thing happened to me... All the sudden it was like "hey! You had breast surgery too??" My PS said its common cause around 3 weeks we start doing more physically cause the TT is feeling a bit better and the breasts were... READ COMMENT