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Restylane Injections for Malar Bags, Worried About Effects of Hyaluronidase - London, UK

I had a small amount of restylane injected a week ago in my cheek area to try to correct genetic malar bags and 'flat face' but it has altered my face shape which I hate and I am desperate for hyaluronidase to correct it. However I am terrified that it causes damage to the natural hylauronic acid in the skin as well as dissolving the restylane. I seem to be unable to find any... READ MORE

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Does Hylauronidase Dissolve the Natural Hyaluronic in the Skin?

Does hylauronidase dissolve the natural hyaluronic acid in the skin? I can't seem to find anything that says it doesn't and am concerned it will dissolve not only my unwanted... READ MORE

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Hi both, Firstly Sallify - yes alcohol made the swelling SO much worse!! The morning after drinking alcohol I looked like a hamster, it was terrible. I had to become almost T-total for a year. I also got puffy after salty meals (e.g.... READ COMMENT

It is because so much water binds to the restylane. If you google it it is a ridiculous amount of water compared to its weight size! And when restylane is broken down water takes its place and the more it breaks down the more water it... READ COMMENT

I didn't have the hylauronidase in the end and I am glad - from what I read it can cause more damage than it solves in some cases. It does dissolve the natural hyaluronic acid in your skin as well as the resty and around the v delicate... READ COMMENT

It does go away eventually I promise - 18months to be gone totally. I know it might seem like an eternity but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can say this through my own experience and I know it would definitely have helped... READ COMMENT

Hi there, I am seriously considering having hyaluronidase to dissolve the undesired results from restylane in my cheek, but am scared that it causes swelling of its own/permanent damage to my own tissue. Have you had any adverse... READ COMMENT