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2/14/14 had a Tummy Tuck / Post Op Smart Lipo

I am 5'4" and weigh 186 lbs and I have 3 children. It's not the weight that bothers me, but it's the muffin top that bothers me. I am getting my procedure done in less than a week and i am really nervous. I asked the nurse if my husband can be in the room with me while I get the procedures done... READ MORE

indents in my booty :(

I had smart lipo done in my abdomen in 2013. I had a TT done on 2/14/14 and I gained 25 lbs since then. I had a belly button revision in 2015. I am now planning on getting a BBL hopefully Jan 2016. I currently weigh about 202lbs. I had a consultation with my surgeon and he hasn't done a BBL... READ MORE

Ready for my Thighs to Stop Rubbing and Creating Sores when I walk

Summer is coming and I am hoping that this procedure will help with my inner thighs. When I wear shorts or sometimes pants my inner thighs rub and create sores. Especially when I workout. My doc here in town just started using cool sculpting, so I was able to get 50% off of my procedure for both... READ MORE

Not Sure if I Should Do This? San Mateo, CA

I am not a stranger to RS. I have done a few procedures and I have written about my journeys on here. I have been thinking that I want to do this procedure in the near future, but not sure if I am going to. I had cool sculpting done a couple of days ago on my inner thighs. I am waiting to see... READ MORE

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Hello, No the pain is very minimum. My legs were hurting some yesterday and it was day 8 after having the procedure done. It just felt a lil raw, like my legs were rubbing each other too much. I am not hurting at all today day 9. READ COMMENT

The back of my legs. READ COMMENT

Thanks. I will keep you updated. READ COMMENT

Did you bruise a lot on your thighs? Tomorrows my day. Is there anything that I need to know ahead of time? Thanks READ COMMENT

Yes I am. it was just a couple of days that I didn't wear the garment all day long lately. READ COMMENT