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Dermal Filler Without Botox - for Frown Lines?

I have a single, static frown line between my brows at rest. I do not frown during the day, and wear tape over the lines at night to prevent me frowning as I sleep. I... READ MORE

Styling Eyebrows After Receiving Dermal Filler / Botox (Frown Lines)?

I am a Male and typically style (pluck) the centre of my eyebrows two to three times a week to keep them shapely and separated. My brow is already very thick, so shaving the... READ MORE

EYEBROW Droop from Botox in Corrugator Muscle (Treating Frown Lines) It Possible?

I had Botox 6 Days ago for frown lines (Standard 5 points of injection), with the two Corrugator injection points being just above either eyebrow. I notice now that my right... READ MORE

Will Exercising Facial Muscles Cause Botox to Wear off Faster?

I work out at the Gym and have developed natural facial expressions (such as frowning / grinning) when exerting force. I currently have Botox for my frown lines which is... READ MORE