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Decided to Go out with a Bang (Cheek Implants) Sugar Land, TX

Easy, straightforward procedure, no pain, moderate swelling, but it went down fast. I got large conform malar shell implants. Love it. I was hesitant to get the implants because of all the horror stories but I decided to do it anyways because I trust the doctor I chose. I live the results already. My cheeks are higher and my whole face looks better. This procedure was two steps forward... READ MORE

Fat Grafting-Bilateral Cheek Fat Injections - Sugar Land, TX

About two weeks to go until the surgery, already getting excited, hoping to fill in and soften my sunken cheeks and bony temple/brow region. Also hoping this procedure will reduce some of the acne pits on my cheeks and temples. Ive read that this procedure has a high absorption rate but the only way I can determine that myself is to actually go through with the procedure and find out, I hope... READ MORE

Looking to Improve my Profile with a Chin Implant - Sugar Land, TX

I had the consult today and I am excited about getting a chin implant, ive always had a weak chin and im hoping this will give me the look that I want. Im having it performed under local anesthesia to help cut costs and to minimize downtime. It seems like a long way off but im already getting excited. READ MORE

Good results - Sugar Land, TX

..................I've got three weeks to go but the nerves are starting to set it. I'm more scared than excited right now. I hope everything comes out as expected...I'm doing this because i think it will help me get out of my shell and feel more confident...... confident about my looks and not be so shy. I hope its worth it. My cast was taken off today and I am already starting to love the... READ MORE

Doesnt work!

I had this procedure done early this morning to correct the ice pick acne scars that were visually apparent on my cheeks and temples. at first i was dissatisfied with the results because i did not notice a difference but this evening i definitely can see an improvement. the pock marks are gone and the skin on my cheeks are smooth and uniform, it no longed looks like the lunar surface. I just... READ MORE

Questions from DiamondDogs1974

Will Jaw Implants Make my Jawline More Square and Defined?

I'm a 24 yo male looking to get jaw implants. i was thinking about getting chin lipo to bring out my jawline but now I'm thinking about implants...i feel like that would be... READ MORE

Is 4500 Dollars Enough for a Nose Job?

I've been thinking about getting this done for a LONG time because I've always hated my nose but i don't know if I'm willing to spend more than 4000-4500 to get it done because... READ MORE

Will i be shown what my nose will look like after the procedure during the pre-op?

I'm very nervous and i just want to be positive that i will like the results, should i ask him to draw what it will look like on paper or something? READ MORE

I was briefly exposed to second hand smoke one week after rhinoplasty, could this be a problem?

My stupid sister blew a bunch of smoke right in my face and i inhaled and i went to to the grocery store and some idiots were smoking by the entrance and i breathed some of it... READ MORE

Is it normal for swelling after a nose job to flare up from time to time with periods of no swelling at all?

I had my procedure done on November 8th and the swelling was moderate up until the first of January, then it subsided, but now it has returned. Today was really bad as far as... READ MORE

What is the average cost of cheek/chin implants in Houston?

Im really considering getting both chin and malar cheek implants to add definition to my face, I have flat cheekbones and underdeveloped chin and im wondering what the average... READ MORE

Cheek Implants or Fat Injections or Voluma? Which should I choose?

Im looking to fill out my cheek area because it has become hollow over the past few years, im 25 now and im hoping to restore that region to how it was when I was a teen. I had... READ MORE

Is a chin implant only supposed to create a subtle difference?

I feel like I liked it better when it was swollen and puffy as opposed to now after the swelling has gone down. I just don't see that much of an improvement!!! I thought I was... READ MORE

Why is my nose still swollen 6 months after rhinoplasty?

I just don't understand why it still swells up...its strange that after 6 months my nose still throbs, is there a reason to be concerned? I just thought that after two months... READ MORE

Would it be unwise to get a "touch up" nose job procedure? Is it worth the risks?

I had a nose job last November, i love the bridge of my nose, its like perfectly straight, but the tip still looks bulbous and undefined and i was wondering if it was possible... READ MORE

I need to remove the cupids bow on my upper lip, how can this be done?

I absolutely without a doubt HATE my upper lip, it looks like a fish lip, not only because of the exaggerated cupids bow but also because their is a lack of width to my... READ MORE

Is it possible to create small lines around the mouth and wrinkles on the forehead through surgery? (photo)

I know it sounds like an unusual request and im not talking about crows feet. Instead, I want to have wrinkles created on my forehead and around my mouth that will appear when... READ MORE

My cheeks look unnatural 3 months after Fat Transfer. Is it possible to suck out fat that was transferred to the face?

I believe the doctor injected way too much fat by my nostril and not enough fat on the malar region, and it gives me a bottom-heavy look. The sub-malar area protrudes and it... READ MORE

Are cheek implants safe, do they look natural on men? (photo)

The look that I am seeking is the "Business man" look, with full cheek bones and a sculpted and gaunt lower face. I had fat injections but was less than thrilled with the... READ MORE

Recent comments from DiamondDogs1974

The recovery was easy. I didn't even take the pain pills that I was prescribed because there was no pain. The swelling was bad the first 5 days but went down super quick after the first week post-op. I would say the worst part about the... READ COMMENT

This isnt real, I dont believe it. I think somebody is trolling around on the internet. READ COMMENT

I feel like this procedure was two steps back, i am somewhat satisfied with the new nose and my chin IS better than how it originally looked, but my cheeks kind of mask the small improvements that were made on my chin and nose. My... READ COMMENT

Yes, you can send me an email. I am starting to lose faith in cosemtic surgery. I have been really depressed these last few weeks. I just cant stand the way my cheeks look, for some reason it appears as if my cheeks have been getting... READ COMMENT

What exactly did you get done? You didnt specify in the title and I still am confused after reading through that whole story. READ COMMENT