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Post Forehead Lift Face and Neck Lift - Canada

I had forehead lift with implant and facelift along with neck tightening on April 27,2013 . Is it normal to have numbness of forehead and if so for how long? I also have crooked smile which am Told by my board certified plastic surgeon that the nerve has been stretched and if will take time to recover within 6 months to a year. Is that reasonable. ? If it doesn't what are my options. I am... READ MORE

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Post Surgical Brow Lift Facelift Neck Lift? (photo)

Today I am one months post surgery which I had on April 17, 2013 I had a brow lift with implant which I was told would have Longer lasting results . I also had a facelift and a... READ MORE

Nerve Damage on Lip? (photo)

How long does it take approximately for Nerve damage on the upper left Take to recover following a facelift which was done on April 17, 2013 . Your professional answer would be... READ MORE

Facelift Brow Lift Neck Lift? (photo)

Had about surgery April 17, 2013 my question is the problem with my left upper lip which I forgot to mention is I'm unable to lick anything off a spoon Pucker my upper lip. 2nd... READ MORE

Post full brow face and neck lift? (photo)

I had full endoscopic brow lift,full face lift and full neck lift with tightening 7 months ago April 15 2013. It was done by a reputable board certified plastic surgeon which... READ MORE

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me it at least gives me some hope and you're correct that the top part of the scalp is Numb. I haven't had any pain but every now and again there is sharp pain on my left for head and... READ COMMENT

Is there any plastic surgeon out there that can comment on hwhat I can expect for post recovery and also regarding the nerve damage on my left upper left and approximately how long it would take for it to heal itself and that I would... READ COMMENT

I would have to say waking up post recovery to a crooked smile and being unable to fully pucker my mouth. There is ever so slight improvement but very devastating to say the least. Any hope and help out there ? Jo READ COMMENT

Hi I am a RN who had a brow lift using a implant not sure of the name. Ps said this is better than having a coronal incision. I also had a face lift and neck muscles tightened on April 17 ,2013 . Is it normal to have a tight forehead... READ COMMENT