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47 Yo Rudolf Nose Since Teenager. Richmond, VA

Hi! I had this done once before by a derm doc. He was 500 bucks and really messed up my procedure. Dr Shaw said it sounded like he had the settings too high. Hmm do you think? Let's say if you do this on your nose and you get a HUGE purple bulbous nose as you are leaving the office that this is not the doc for you. It took me weeks to recover and no amount of makeup could cover it. The only... READ MORE

47 Year Old Needing to Refresh my Face As I Get Back into Corporate World - Richmond, VA

Hi! I am not new to doing stuff to my body. I had done botox to my face now for years. I did let time lapse though between sessions which I would not suggest doing. I had the sculptra done on my face on monday and will go back for my next treatment next month. With it taking so long it wasn't my first choice of having something done. I actually first went in for juvederm in my cheeks and tear... READ MORE

Finally Getting This Short Azz Chin Taken Away...had Since I Was an Underweight Teen - Richmond, VA

When I heard about Kybella being FDA approved I about hit the ceiling jumping for joy. Money wise this is very expensive. I had the procedure done on Monday along with Sculptra on the same day. Right now my chin is like a bullfrog chin. It did hurt doing this I can tell you. The doc thinks I just need 2 treatments. I will go back in next month for my next round. They put this paper on you... READ MORE

3 1/2 Month Update with Pic-taurs!!!

Okay I have started this train to rolling now. I got a call from Angel. I am feeling pretty good with the amount of tushies that this man has done that mine is not a "wow I have never seen such an old flat tush this bad" kinda tush. Waiting to hear back on the dates they have available. I will fill you all in when I know more. Sooooooo excited!!! Jumping up and down and Angel was very nice on... READ MORE

Questions from ivfmama

Need Advice for Traveling out of State for BBL? (photo)

I haven't found a doctor yet...But what are some good questions to ask out of state doctors? And what have you found are the best for your patients? Hotel stay length? Hotel to... READ MORE

How Can I Get a Inverted V Intergluteal Fold While Doing BBL? (photo)

I have a horizontal intergluteal fold and wondering if BBL will help this or do you recommend doing something extra? I would like a heart shape butt..not a triangle one...round... READ MORE

What ELITE Credentials Should I Look for in a BBL Doctor? (photo)

What credentials are considered ELITE when looking for a plastic surgeon to do a BBL? READ MORE

What Type of Massage is Recommended when You Get Back Home from BBL? (photo)

What type of how often should it be done? Do they massage the butt or just the areas of lipo done? READ MORE

Do I Need a TT After my BBL? (photo)

I don't have a lot of loose skin. I never considered a TT because of this reason. But now after reading about how the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy (I have been... READ MORE

Tubes Not Draining Fast Enough, Does Massage Help? (photo)

What happens if my tubes from BBL are not done draining the min. amount after 10 days and I need to fly home. I love my PS by the way but he is not a big pusher on massages..... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Stage 1, 2, and 3 Garments?

What is the difference and when do you use them? So confused. Also does the material matter? READ MORE

Doc, Do You Believe That the Garment Actually Helps the Outcome of the Shape?

Doc, Do you believe that the garment/faja actually helps shape the body and the final outcome of the BBL? We all know that it helps with the swelling and lymphatic system.... READ MORE

After 8 Weeks After BBL Shouldn't I Have a Smaller Waist Line? (photo)

I really appreciate the doctors on here taking the time to answer our questions. I was told I had 4 liters removed. I have been following my doc's post-op instructions to the... READ MORE

Is V Beam or IPL or what better for Rudolph (aka me)?

Hi! I have had red nose (no acne...just large pores) on my nose since I became a teenager.I had some type of laser done at my derm's office and it felt like a rubber band... READ MORE

Discussions started by ivfmama

Not Looking for a Huge Butt, But a Cute Bubble Butt and a Waist - Who Would You Recommend?

Hi I am new here. I am 45 and have always had a square tushy. I have had lipo of lower ab17 years ago and had my boobs done almost 13 years ago. I have an amazing boob doc here... READ MORE

Miami Hotel... Any ideas cheaper than $99 a night and free parking?

Hey ladies. Ugh. I called Residence Inn to get a decent rate with Dr. Mendieta as my doctor. A studio room is $99 with the hospital rate and daily parking is normally $15 but... READ MORE

What Are Some of the Things You're Looking Forward to After Your BBL?

Thinking of things that I have never been able to do that I should be able to do after my BBL: Wear a belt with my shirt tucked in pants/skirt - Having a thick waist I... READ MORE

What Clothing Did You Pack for Your Trip?

Hey ladies! What clothing did you pack for your trip?  I am not sure should I even bring a bunch of underwear and shorts and whatever since we will be wearing this... READ MORE

What Supplements Did You Start Taking Before BBL?

What supplements did you start taking before your BBL? Where did you get them? How much? Who recommended them? Did you find they really helped or wish you took something... READ MORE

Celebrity vocal about her BBL

I don't know this lady since she is in the UK and I live in the US but it came up on my google alerts and thought I would share. Chloe Sims (think she is in a reality show) is... READ MORE

Dr. Mendieta Gals - If You're Using Him, Check in Here!

Hey all. I thought I would start a forum of those of us going to/have seen Dr. M. We all know he is the teacher that teaches all over the country how to do a BBL. It seems... READ MORE

Does anyone know the name of Dr. Pazmino's special chair?

I have read in certain reviews of a special chair that Dr. Pazmino gives (or sells) to his patients. He has also talked about it in some of his reviews. Does anyone know the... READ MORE

Anyone know of Faja or Garment shop south of airport in Miami?

Hey ladies. I am down in Coconut Grove so I don't want to drive up past the airport to find a better faja or garment compression. I would love to see it. I don't like the 2nd... READ MORE

Lymphatic Massages for BBL's in Miami - Any Recommendations?

Hey ladies, wondering if you could recommend someone in the Miami area that could possible come and do a lymph drainage massage and specializes in the BBL girls? You can inbox... READ MORE

Ugh! Can someone please tell me the difference between stage garments?

I am totally confused. I am at 14 days po today and I purchased the lovely and expensive garments from my doc. There was never a discussion about switching to another stage... READ MORE

Anything and Everything you want to know about Garments/Fajas

Hey girls! I thought since I was so confused over the Garment/Faja thing that I would start a thread to help the newbies and those that just had their surgery sort through all... READ MORE

Waist Training or Corset Training after BBL...who has done it?

Hey all! I am at 8 weeks BBL and my waist line hasn't really decreased at all. Doc said I need to wait the 3-6 months but I am thinking it may be partially a skeletal issue...... READ MORE

Excuses After Kybella with the Head wrap! Help!

Okay my first treatment went along with a root canal I was getting. So it was easy wearing the band around my neck and head and with a cold compress. Now I just had my 2nd one... READ MORE

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Not sure why this is listed under Ultherapy. READ COMMENT

Can you please post pics? READ COMMENT

Nope I am not offended. I think if I were to do over again I would choose one of the docs you mentioned. Ugh. READ COMMENT

There was for sure swelling. Not pretty for pics with your family. The swelling is gone now. I'm getting ready for 2nd treatment. READ COMMENT

Fyi my bbl girls...do research on your docs. Not sure if this is his fault or the anesthesiologist. http://www.dailymail.co... READ COMMENT