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Natural breast lift, No implants

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Breast Lift

22 May 2017, Created 1 month ago

Nima (Nash) Naghshineh, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Nash is by far the most amazing and detail oriented plastic surgeon, not to mention such an affadable personality. Since my breast started to develope the had no volume and very dense. Over the years after having children my breast had completely retired on me, mind you Im only in my 30's. Anyhow, I wanted a physician who was familiar with working with warmer skin tones that easily scar... READ MORE

Vanquish Me Body Treatments & Botox - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Emer is amazing. Ive done 4 vanquish me body treatments on my abdomen and it looks great. Definitly helped me get rid of unwanted fat, loose skin and some uneveness from my previous tummy tuck. My body now looks amazing. Since my body trwatments went so well, I completly trusted Dr. EMER with my face and got my first botox injectables for my squinting lines around my eyes and OMG!! Didnt... READ MORE

Tummy tuck, side and back lipo

My friend had a tummy tuck done by Dr.Hughes, looks amazing! I'm not going to see him. I had my consultation done by Dr.Boris and he assured me I will get the results I want and with Dr. Hughes skills, I know I will.. My friend was back to work in 2 weeks, active and all.. Her incision looks great only she doesn't take proper care of it so her scar is raised. I saw several reviews... READ MORE

Questions from Naturallycurvy

I have a seroma 7 months after my Tummy Tuck. Any physicians in Ca that will see me?

I have a seroma on my lower abfomen from a tummy tuck 7 months ago. It was done in the Dominican. Beautiful job, anazing tummy tuck however, I took out my drains too early. I... READ MORE

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The Dr gives you a note.. READ COMMENT

Hi!! She's a great Dr. I left home after 7 days and the flight was great. I slept the whole time. My feet became really swollen though and I had to keep them Elevated the whole next day. It was all worth it ;) You also have... READ COMMENT


I'm so happy READ COMMENT