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Post op relief from facelift and neck lift discomfort?

I am now 4 weeks out from my surgery. Of course my PS tells me all is going right as it should but I had no idea what this healing and recovery period was going to be like.... READ MORE

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PLM11 and shrinkmom, I find it incredible that there are seemingly just a handful of people that end up with these lingering side effects. I don't believe it. Some people would not ever admit to having discomfort after an elective... READ COMMENT

Shrinkmom it is alienating. I am not the same person I was before this but I am trying hard to find me! I won't even go out if the temp is over 85 I cannot take the heat. For some reason heat just sets my facial nerves into a fit and it... READ COMMENT

I am right at 6 months post op. My right ear is still numb and tingles badly when touched but maybe not as bad as 2 months ago? My biggest issue is the tightness under my jaws like a hat tied on way too tight! I thought this would have... READ COMMENT

Thanks for writing! Ugh, I have a very strong noose feeling going on 24/7. PS told me my Turkey neck was pretty bad but I have seen others that bad and those gals don't have this going on. I sure hope that and the sore stitches start... READ COMMENT

I'm so glad to hear the bruising does go away! It sounds like you have had a good, non eventful recovery, good on you:) I am 3+ months out and still have bruising along both sides of my jaw, under my chin, and back in my hairline. I... READ COMMENT