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Katerina, I agree with everybody here that your nose looks great. In my opinion, your actual nose looks better than what you morphed. The morphed nose looks too strong and manly. It is too long and borderline droopy. Your actual... READ COMMENT

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I can't image that you look so good 7 days after surgery! Your bridge is narrower, tip narrower and nostrils look so beautiful! Your nose looked too long before but now looks perfect. How did he... READ COMMENT

I do not know if you ever took drawing classes. Look up facial proportions . What Dr Grigoryants did for you was perfect. Before surgery your midface was too long and your nose was too long. You lower face was too short. If he just... READ COMMENT

You have a great looking nose! I keep looking at your nose and I do not think it is short. It looks perfect. Your before nose was too droopy with long nostrils. It is way better and cuter now. I love it. :) READ COMMENT