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My Face Has Been Ruined, my Nose is Completely Collapsed, Obstructed and Wide. Thornhill, ON

There are no pros to this surgery. This surgery has negatively impacted my life in ways that I can not even begin to describe. I had zero breathing issues prior to surgery and now my right side is obstructed. I feel as though my face has been hit by a frying pan. I will now require a revision... READ MORE

Questions from Rhinomaybe

is there anything that can be done that will restore features of my old nose? My nose is too small for my face now. (photos)

I am almost 8 months post op and have never been so unhappy in my life. Going into surgery my surgeon and I discussed subtle changes. I don't look anything like the simulation... READ MORE

How many mm is possible when rebuilding the nose and tip? (photos)

I want something a little closer to my old nose. That is what I thought I was signing up for. What types of grafts would be required and will they always stay in place? READ MORE

Can i repair my short upper lip? Muscle was not cut.

My dr. shortened the space in between my lip and the tip of my nose and we never discussed that. It has given me a long upper lip and I hate it. READ MORE

9 months post-op: Is it possible that the surgeon gave me nerve damage? (photo)

I was able to breathe properly before surgery, not only can i not breathe, but the mid vault area leaves me with a lot of pain in that area and I am 9 months post op. How would... READ MORE

What could this excruciating pain be in the mid vault area 9 months after Rhinoplasty?

I have this crazy pain where the nasal bones end and the mid vault starts. I am almost 9 months post op. any ideas of what this could be? READ MORE

If the doctor used dome technique to sew in my tip, can this be reversed?

The surgeon made my tip so skinny (pinched). It does not look natural and looks terrible. He was only supposed to make a slight adjustment, but instead he did what he felt... READ MORE

what can be used to replace nasal spine?

My doctor shortened my nasal spine without my consent. I really hate how long my upper lip looks now and how tucked in my top lip looks at the base of the nose. my upper lip... READ MORE

Could this be an inverted V deformity and if so, how is this corrected and why did it happen?

I have constant pain where the upper nasal bones meets the softer part of the nose (mid way down). There is a shadowed dent of an upside down V...scared my whole nose is going... READ MORE

Will grafts stay in place?

I am just trying to get an understand of how multiple grafts stay in place. Once they are sewn in with they stay put for life? Will I need ongoing surgery in the future? My... READ MORE

I now have a long upper lip :(. If my nose has more projection and lengthened, will this help make the upper lip shorter?

My nose was de projected and shortened too much causing my upper lip to appear longer. I did not want this change, but the surgeon chose to do it anyways READ MORE

What graft is needed after rhinoplasty to mimic breathe right strip?

I did not have any breathing problems at all before rhinoplasty. I now have a handful of problems, one of them being not being able to breathe properly. I now wear breathe... READ MORE

What could be causing complete blockage or right nostril?

My left nostril has collapsed, but my right does not look collapsed. I can't get enough air through. Makes a whistling sound. Even if I use a breathe right strip, feels plugged... READ MORE

how many mm is realistic that can be added to length and projection during a revision?

My dr was not prepared and very careless during my rhinoplasty. I only wanted a subtle change. The results are night and day from what the imaging and what we had discussed.... READ MORE

Will adding height to the dorsum add more definition? (Photo)

Hi Doctors, My dr was aggressive when removing the very small hump on my nose. now my nose looks wide all the way down to the tip and has a washed out appearance in photos. If... READ MORE

Do I have an open roof deformity or mid vault collapse?

My nose has a flat curved out dorsum because the dr was aggressive and careless. I am wondering if I have an open roof deformity or mid vault collapse. I can't breathe well now... READ MORE

Will osteotomies make the tip appear fuller in theory since the bridge has been moved in closer? (Photo)

I am debating on which way to go with a revision.I am left with a wide nose and scare to do anything drastic for fear of it not turning out again. I don't think emotionally I... READ MORE

Recent comments from Rhinomaybe

I think your results are fantastic so far. READ COMMENT

Wishing you all the luck in the world. READ COMMENT

I am so sorry to hear that. my nose looks yours and also ended up with depression. I unfortunately will also need a revision. looks like too much may have come of your bridge and that your nose was deprojected? inbox me if you like...so... READ COMMENT

I agree with poster below. I have consulted all the bests in Toronto and they were not able to show any images of similar noses or seem to have a flair for revisions. Hope you have better luck than I did. I had to extend my search into... READ COMMENT

I have also had a bad surgery with the same dr that did not go as expected. I would not let anyone in Toronto operate. If I were you, I would not settle. If you can travel to the USA, I would recommend you fully research until you are... READ COMMENT