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Freaking Out!! - Vancouver, BC

Booked for Mini TT and Breast implants. Dr suggested I go for Mini. beginning to wonder if Ill get results I want. I have read too many stories of women wishing they had listened to their gut and gone with Full and opted for Mini based upon Dr. I have seen him 2X to discuss and he says same thing! ???? Question also about recovery room. I am so sensitive to medications and know if will be... READ MORE

Questions from Mummyof4

Surgery Friday and Want to Make Sure I Made the Right Choice? Full or Mini TT? (photo)

Booked in for a Mini TT & Breast augmentation Friday!!!Feel like I let the Dr. talk me out of the full TT that I initially thought I would have.He thinks I am a better... READ MORE

When Will I Be Able to Stand Up Straight?

I'm 5 days post op, I also had breast augmentation.My drains were pulled at 3 days, and I stopped all pain meds at 2 days. Im a pretty tough gal. I'm the mom to 4 so it comes... READ MORE

My BB is Going Away? (photo)

My PS made my BB way too small!!!! Can this be fixed ? I am afraid that as I heal I will completely loose it? If a correction is done is it worth doing it with the same aurwgon... READ MORE

Swelling? (photo)

I'm early in the healing stage and swelling is a normal progression, but I'm a bit worried. Is this just normal swelling or is this like redistribution of fat? I look... READ MORE

If I Need a Revision Do I Need to Go Under Again? (photo)

I am 5 wks post TT& BA. I had a full w/ plication. I had a belly button ring scar that he did not remove as he thought it would sit flatter. He stated I would need this... READ MORE

8 Wks Po Bulge? (photo)

I am 8 wks po from tt, w full plication and BA and I still look like I have a pooch on the bottom 1/2 of my stomach, which is very frustrating as I paid a lot of $ to have my... READ MORE

Is There Increased Risks for Complications After Breast Implant Replacement? (photo)

Ex. More Numbness Suggestion on Replacement Size? Advised, by the lady in my surgeons office who does sizing, to go with 300cc moderate profile silicone gel implants via nipple... READ MORE

I was very clear I wanted cleavage and to look natural, didn't get it:( what Size would you have suggested? (photo)

I am 9 MO PO BA 339 Mod Prof. Silicone Unders. I was very clear I wanted cleavage and to look natural. I know this is possible....But Not feeling like I got that at all!! What... READ MORE

What could be causing my tightness 9 month post op from BA? (photos)

9mo PO BA and didn't get the size I wanted, but am still tight. Thinking of an exchange from 339cc mod to 500cc hp to get the cleavage I wanted. However currently they still... READ MORE

1 year post op, I have short of breath, causing lightheaded and panic/anxiety as well as GERD. Is this normal? (photos)

I am a health, fit mother of 4. I had a TT and conservative BA 1 yr ago with a TT scar revision done in Jan. I am now 5 mo PO from the revision and am having shortness of... READ MORE

Intra-abdominal pressure 1 yr PO Tummy Tuck and 5mo PO scar revision. Can compartment syndrome start this late? (photos)

Intrabdominal pressure affecting my quality of life significantly!! Took us a while 2 determine this. Had Blood & urine tests done, barium swallow, ect. Scheduled for a... READ MORE

Can I move to unders or can anything else be done? (photo)

1.5yr PO BA 339cc silicone under. Was advised due to little breast tissue that under was best placement. I'm sure it is the best protocol for most, but I'm active & lift... READ MORE

Will lipo get the best result? (photos)

I saw my PS re guarding my lower thick area. He said nothing could be done.... But I feel like that's not really true. I work out 4 days a week and have gotten my bum to a good... READ MORE

Recent comments from Mummyof4

Did anyone explain to you that the blue feeling are a normal stage post Anesthesia? It will also happen when you explant! It is your body riding the medications. I would give it time before you jump to remove. I'm 6 mo po and went... READ COMMENT

Take the report from the other ps and show him! He'll have to do something! Is he board certified? READ COMMENT

You need to give it time!!!!! Like 6mo!!! Lots changes in 6 mo. You definitely are jumping the fun to remove. I'm 6mo and so much has changed. I've shrunk tons and have evened out! Just wait!!! READ COMMENT

I meant to write they are not tight at all!!! Ooops!!! I was very small prior and do have some tightness but that usually stretches out with time. I've read that they can loosen the muscle a bit to lessen the tightness. I guess the... READ COMMENT

I would sooooo give it time!!! I am 6 mo po and still feel a bit tight, but it gets looser with everyday and I have friends that are 10 yr po and they are not right at all. I think you have to be comfortable with your body. And if your... READ COMMENT