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Miss New Vixen Booty !!!...awaiting Journey!

I've been researching , & goingback &fourth with a couple of dr"s, top rated of course in butt implants/bbl area .Drs who have done this procedure over a numerous of times w/great results.I've narrowed it down From Salama, to Lucerna, Ryan Stanton & Kenneth B.Hughes.my consult is 3/28/14 w/Hughes yay hey loves, so one good friend of mine went to dr.Gongora just a day ago & I'm hoping to... READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - at the age of 14 I became a teenager mom - Pasadena, CA

My life Started early at the age of 14 I became a teenager mom .so I never got to see my actual stomach going into as an adult. I've always had friends going to swim pool parties the beach and when I went I was always insecure and wore tank tops over my bathing suit obviously because my belly looked like a bowl of jelly and oatmeal ranned over & my boobies were as saggy as a pancake & wet zeal... READ MORE

Questions from JUiCyBuDiii

If I want my butt nice and high with full hips and full figured from theback what kind of butt surgery would I need? (photo)

If I want my butt nice high with full hips and full figured from the back what kind of butt surgery would I need? want a full round juicy booty that when I put on a skirt I... READ MORE

How long does a butt implant last & can I shake my butt cheeks as if they are my own muscles?

Overtime will they drop, or fall out of place , can they deform ?also I'm very active will this affect anything. READ MORE

What If my credit is very poor but my income is reliable. What options do I have for financing?

I need a top qualified butt surgeon. I want a full bottle frame ,high and low juicy booty all around,with my physique .my credit is very poor but my income is there , what... READ MORE

Wanting an Hourglass Booty: Poor Credit but a Reliable, Good Income - Can I Put $5000 Down and Pay Off the Rest?

My credit is very poor ,but I do have reliable income , are there any amazing experienced surgeons in this specific area (butt implants)that has options on payment plan or... READ MORE

What do I need to give me more projected juicy lips ?

PLump, and a line to divide my juicy lips is somethjng I seek! What can we do to get me close to this READ MORE

If I got Butt Implants w/o Liposuction, can I achieve any of my desired looks?

Would I look deformed? Would I still have great results if I were to just get implants and not lipo around my flanks, please help and tell me what would be best to do,... READ MORE

Will I be able to reach the figure I desire with just butt implants? (Photo)

Will I get the voluminous behind I seek? Curves & perfect booty to fill my jeans & Brazilian bikini for upcoming events? READ MORE

My right boob is more solid then left & I have saline implants 11months post op. I massage but it's still so firm. Why is that ?

My right boob doesn't hurt it anything but when I try to massage and get roughness out so it can feel natural like my left it feels like there's a blockage. Like rougher and... READ MORE

I've been told I'm a candidate for 350cc oval implant,within muscle. With my frame can I get 360-375cc? (Photo)

Realistically I want the hugest booty I can get ,with my frame of course ,I know I won't get the exact figure I desire ,but I do want a beautiful woman glass figure ,can I go... READ MORE

Will Tummy Tuck Revision make my scar go away or lighten? What are the costs? (photo)

My tummy tuck scar is a little on the darkside . Will a revision make go away or just lighten ?How much do scar revision from tummy tuck go for? READ MORE

How much is it to fix capsular contractor? Quote on new set of boobies w/cc?

My right boob is hard and I know it's most likely cc, so I'm sure it would be better to replace with fresh ones so how much for that? READ MORE

Can I get my capsular contractor in my right boob fixed at the same time I get a BBL?

I want my boobs redone basically since my right boob has capsular contractor and my ariolas are left uneven and largely stretched , but I'm definitely getting my booty done.... READ MORE

Are butt implants in Mexico safe ? Under the muscle

I want safe implants that won't have to be redone because $ don't grow on trees so please help ! READ MORE

Is it ok to get a Brazilian Butt Lift with a vagina tightening surgery?

I'm getting a bbl with implants, is it a good idea to get my vagina tightened sometime to knockout three stones one surgery? READ MORE

Recent comments from JUiCyBuDiii

Hey I'm scheduled April 8th can u give me any advice u think I should no ;) also do u regret anything at all or suggest anything , thanks so much for ur time ! READ COMMENT

Did u ever get done I'm booked in 3 weeks READ COMMENT

Ok so I'm booked in 3 weeks now thanks btw , i was gone for so long handling family matters READ COMMENT

Yes I've actually set my mind firm on gongora and booked with him april 7th 2015 READ COMMENT

Honestly i would choose salaam for the super wine bottle hip definition, so sexy but lucern a is amazing herself, I'm going with gongora though in 3 weeks READ COMMENT