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It's not hearsay, if you actually read her review, she went for a consultation. READ COMMENT

I don't smoke, do drugs and didn't drink for 3 months after the surgery. I wore my garment 24/7 for the first 3 months then p/t for the next 3 months. I am verrry disatisfied with my results. I was slim to begin with just needed a... READ COMMENT

You do not have 'great awesome results' if you don't feel good about the results. Don't let "Love my new body' tell you otherwise, I'm sure she works for him. Good Luck!! PS you're not alone I'm very unhappy with my results as well. READ COMMENT

I have lipo done in 2/2013. I was slim with a nice shape to begin with and I don't like the results at all. He intentionally left flank fat to create a curve that I didn't need b/c I already have a big butt so now my butt and hips... READ COMMENT

Why are you offended by patient's posting their negative experiences? Unless you have a financial interest in convincing women to have surgery with him. I have the right to post and I will continue to do so, thank you first amendment. READ COMMENT