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Ethnic Rhinoplasty, Chin Augmentation, Lipo

Hey, guyssss... Let me first say I love this site ...seriously. We have a community to share, vent and obsess all in one.. LOLOL Now, on to this nose of mine , I have literally disliked my nose, for so long.. I mean its just too much for my face IMO. I am always conscious of the bad boy in photos, trying to tilt to the side, look down , move my head on angle .. # annoying much. lolol I feel my... READ MORE

OMG!!! I Cant Believe I fianlly did it !! Now , I wonder why I waited so long!?!

Hi, everyone Iv'e been lurking up here for maybe over a yr, close to 2 yrs im sure ..heehee.. anyway, I have contemplating, and contemplating this forever it seems and now Im just going to go for it . I went in for my consultation ,got my bloodwork done just gotta go fill out some more paperworks and get prescriptions next week. Yikes!! once, I was told to come in for prescriptions,it... READ MORE

Questions from ABeautifulMe

Want Feedback on Options for my Nose Type, Will I Be Able To Achieve the Look I Want? (photo)

With my nose , can i have my nostrils bought in closer (narrowed) , and fat removed from the tip as well as refined ? Also, can I have my bridge narrowed and elevated ?  I... READ MORE

My Nose Before, Imaging and After - Can I Achieve This ? (photo)

I Feel I can get the look I want with doing alarplasty to bring my nostrils in and tip ref, with possibly adding a graft etc. to give me more of a bridge. I have an issue with... READ MORE

I am 31 yrs old. and I might be very late on this topic of Contour thread lifts? (photo)

I am interested , in doing a non-invasive thread lift , just around the eye area. On the outside corners, to give the eyes a minimal lift upward. Is this possible ? I am in NY,... READ MORE

Recent comments from ABeautifulMe

Hey girl... doing well. Just been crazy swamped these last few weeks with work. Nose, is coming along day by day. I see, that swelling fluctuates from one day to the next, more on some days than others. so, its up & down. but, its... READ COMMENT

Pretty Girl none the less... I see what you mean. I had the same corrections made this is a primary rhino for me. and I would be annoyed as well. im thinking what about having the surgeon who performs the next surgery, shorten the... READ COMMENT

Your nose looks terrific. It is a struggle if you have thick skin. It will def. excersise your patience. But, Im glad to see there was light at the end of the tunnel. i'll come back to this post when I need reminding ...sigghhh ... lolol READ COMMENT

Is the bottom portion of your nose the part where the nostrils are , are is that area firm ? I think that place holds the most swelling. as per doctors as well. This swelling will contribute to the front view not being as narrow . READ COMMENT

Yes, when I wake up my nose is swollen ..I think they say normally our nose swell when being rested at night. so I have to get up walk around etc. it comes down a bit. I also keep using the ice packs . IT doesn't hurt to the touch ,... READ COMMENT