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Cheek Implant Removal - I had Malar Cheek Implants put in 6 month ago in New York and i now reside in California.

I had Malar cheeck implants put in 6 month ago in new york and i now reside in california . I am not happy with my implants and thinking of removing them, But dont want to go... READ MORE

Can You Cut or Manipulate an Existing 3mm Malar Cheek Implant While Its Screwed in my Cheeks?

Im 1 year postop . Had cheeck implants put in . and I dont like the projection and size of it. its to big (3mm implants).My surgeon recomended that he would cut and customize... READ MORE

Will Cutting an Implant While Its Still Screwed in my Checks a Good Option to Reducing the Size? (photo)

I had 3mm malar cheek implants put in and im not happy with them (1 year postop, projection is to big) , i want them out. But my doctor recommended a buccal fat removal , he... READ MORE

Can You Remove a Cheek Implant (Screwed In) with IV Sedation? What Are the Risk? is This a Common Route for Surgeons?

I have decided to remove my implants . My doctor suggested that hes gana put me under IV sedation READ MORE

Had 3mm Malar Cheek Implants Screwed in a Year Ago. Decided to Have Them Removed,will I Experience Any Degree of Saging?

I am 23 yr old trans woman of mix descent Asian and caucasian. Im concerned on the degree of sagging after the initial implants been removed. What can i expect after removal?... READ MORE

Removal of Medpor Cheeck Implants. Concerns on the Amount of Sagging After Removing?

Im 23 transexual woman . Just found out that the implants that my surgeon screwed in are medpor 3mm. I know there harder to take out than silicone but im more concerned about... READ MORE

I had 3mm medphor cheeck implants removed, will cortosone shot help heal quicker?

I had removal of medphor cheeck implants 3 month ago and my cheecks still look like they hav the implAnts in (more swollen) considering a cortisone shot but is it risky? READ MORE

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How much did Dr.lam charge for thr proccedure? .. READ COMMENT