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Dr. Brian Dorner

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5 May 2017, Created 2 months ago

Brian Dorner, MD

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I am three years post facelift with Brian Dorner. He did lower bleph, full face, brow and neck. He came recommended by a well-respected Columbus doctor. After seeing my result she does not recommend him anymore. My forehead has been a mess ever since (see picture). I believe he removed my corrugator muscles when cutting them, leaving big dents in my forehead. When I returned for a follow... READ MORE

Fraxel Ruined my Face

My derm recommended Fraxel to me for my crow's feet. Five treatments and $4000 later I developed horrible hyperpigmentation all over my face, which was once very nice. I literally looked like I had a mustache and beard. I spent the next eight months and several more thousand dollars clearing the hyperpigmentation only to see that under the dark spots were hundreds of broken capillaries. I... READ MORE

Questions from Scaredforlife

Skin wrinkling on eyelids when closed post lower bleph and forehead lift?

I am now 3.5 weeks past these surgeries and when I close my left eye the skin appears to pull in at the outer corner created series of c-shaped wrinkles. The under eye skin... READ MORE

Is it common to bill extra if you go overtime in surgery?

Just got a bill were certainly were not expecting 2 months after paying what we thought was in full before surgery. READ MORE

Dents in forehead after brow lift?

Have a quarter sized flat area between eyes and a 2 inch very noticeable depression above one eye. Surgeon never experienced this after muscle removed. Said to wait til month 3... READ MORE

Forehead completely dented after browlift- what to do next (photo)?

Brow lift 3 months ago. Very visible denting over eyebrows, between eyes and middle forehead. Some visible in photos taken very day after surgery. Dr trying to help but I was a... READ MORE

Juvederm Volbella XC under eye lumps. (photo)

Hello, I had tear trough injections three weeks ago. I had two immediate occurring lumps and returned to have massage and then try to dissolve with hyularonadaise. The... READ MORE

Recent comments from Scaredforlife

Riggy, My fraxel damage did not appear until after my third treatment. Please be cautious. I am also in Columbus. READ COMMENT

Respectfully. needafaceliftnow45, Maya is a month out from this damage. Thinking the way your are talking about here is not even in her realm of possibility at this point. Maya, when I first had my fraxel damage I went to a... READ COMMENT

I just wanted to send you my regards.It has been maybe 8 years since my fraxel nightmare and your posts just make me relive the terror again. I would urge you to do nothing outside of sunscreen for a good six months. Many of the things... READ COMMENT

I just want to tell you my skin was ruined from Fraxel laser too. Sending you hugs! READ COMMENT

Go ahead and find it "fishy" Bacon. My face has never recovered, and as I said, I blame fraxel, not the doctor. Thank you for your kind words :) READ COMMENT