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5 months post op update

Let me just start by saying I wanted to get this procedure done for quite a long time now. Even since I was in high school I hated my profile view of my nose. Now that I am 22, and graduated from university this year I finally decided to go and get my nose done. I had my consultation back in November 2012 and booked my surgery post exams for May 1st. We had agreed to get my deviated septum... READ MORE

Questions from jd49106

Pink Eye and Rhinoplasty?

Hi! Im scheduled to get rhinoplasty in 9 days but I have caught pink eye and a really bad sore throat to go with it, Im getting antibiotics today but my question is is it safe... READ MORE

Open Roof Deformity After Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

I had a closed septorhinoplasty done 16 days ago and i know im still in the early stages of healing, but after i got my cast removed ive noticed that when i run down my finger... READ MORE

Post Op Swelling or Just Wider Nose? (photo)

I had my procedure done 6 weeks ago, and had a dorsal hump removed and no tip work done. I am very confused as to why my nose looks so wide especially when I smile. I know I... READ MORE

Will Swelling Go Down a Lot Between 2-4 Months Post Rhinoplasty?

Hi! I had my closed septoplasty/rhinoplasty procedure May 1st and the 2 month mark is coming up soon. However, I still not quite happy with the width of the mid portion of my... READ MORE

Does Having Oily Skin Mean You Have Thick Skin?

Hi, I had my septorhinoplasty done 10 weeks ago, I had no tip work done but a hump removed and my nose was deprojected a bit. However my the mid portion of my nose around the... READ MORE

Is It Normal for a Nose to Feel Sore the Next Day After Massaging It?

Im almost 3 months post op and I massage my nose almost every night as my surgeon recommended. However, I wake up some mornings and it feels a lot more sore? Is this okay and... READ MORE

One Side Can Breath Better Than the Other?

Hello doctors! I got septorhinoplasty 3 months ago and ive noticed that one of the sides of the nose can breath a lot worse then the other (cant inhale properly) and the other... READ MORE

Does This Sound Like a Left Nasal Valve Collapse?

Had septorhinoplasty preformed 3 months ago, tip was deprojected and dorsal hump was removed. Ive noticed that my breathing is worse on my left side, especially when I breath... READ MORE

Is my Nose a Normal Width? (photo)

Its been 4 months post my septorhinoplasty (hump removed, deprojected, no tip work) im worried my nose might be too wide overall now? Do you think its wide? And is there any... READ MORE

Smaller Nose After Excercising at the Gym?

I had septorhinoplasty almost 5 months ago, and I have read that there will be fluctuations in swelling for the first year. But how come after working out, i notice that my... READ MORE

Why is my nose a lot wider post rhinoplasty 7 months? (photo)

I got septo/rhino 7 months ago, had a dorsal hump removed and also deviated septum fixed. My tip was always on bigger side, but never had a problem with it, that it why I didnt... READ MORE

Why are my nostrils flared and wide after rhinoplasty? (photo)

I got a primary septorhinoplasty 7 months ago, had dorsal hump removed, deviated septum corrected, my surgeon broke my bones and when i asked he said osteotomies were preformed... READ MORE

Open roof deformity 8 months post op? (photo)

I had a primary septorhinoplasty done 8 months ago, had a hump removed and no tip work done. My nose now looks like a blob with no shape and is wider from the front especially... READ MORE

Recent comments from jd49106

Hi! Yes it has gotten a lot better and I've defiantly have accepted it more :) 5 months out (8 months now) you still have some healing to do :) so don't worry READ COMMENT

Which surgeon did u end up choosing? Good luck :) can't wait to see the results READ COMMENT

Thank you :) I am a lot happier with the result now! It took awhile for the swelling to go down, I am now 1.5 years post op and defiantly have accepted the result and finally started to feel like its my old nose again (the stiffness is... READ COMMENT

Hi! Sorry haven't been on this site in long while. Its been almost 1.5 years post op, and I am much happier with my result now, the swelling has gone away completely, I don't think it magically got thinner or anything, but I am just... READ COMMENT

Looks amazing! I had my septorhinoplasty preformed by dr. hacker as well READ COMMENT