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I'm I a Good Candidate for Chin Implants? (photo)

I'm 24yrs old and I have braces on at the time of the pic. My chin seems receded and I have problems closing mouth naturally. I don't think I have a chin. I just want a small... READ MORE

Do I Need Neck Liposuction? (photo)

I'm under weight and i plan on getting a chin implant, from the pics would you say i should get lipo/neck lioft also? I have a good bite. READ MORE

Getting a Chin Implant in Cleveland Ohio, Any Good Doctors?

I've got consultations set up with Randall Yetman, MD at cleveland Clinic and Robert Stroup MD of Advanced Concepts. Does anyone have any experience with these guys or anyone... READ MORE

Will Weight Gain, Braces Removal and a Chin Implant Make my Lips Seem Smaller?

I have a receded chin and intend on getting an implant for that. I also intend to gain some weight as I'm only 160lbs at 6'3. will weight gain: which = bigger cheeks make my... READ MORE

How Does One Avoid the Deep Between Chin Implant and Mouth?

For some before and after pictures of chin augmentations, there's hollow point between the chin and the bottom lip. I don't want this and was wondering if there was a way to... READ MORE

Is Weight Gain in the Face the Same As Cheek Implants?

Or are they different. also, if I get a chin implant, is there a way to avoid that hallow space between the chin and lip. And my surgeon said there's only 1/20 chance I'll have... READ MORE

How Do I Get a Bigger Masseter Muscle?

Will weight training help? I'm also getting a chin implant soon, will that help? READ MORE

Are the Results of Jaw Surgery Similar to Chin Augmentation?

Looking at her results, could someone get the same results with simple a chin augmentation? or would I need to go for jaw surgery? READ MORE

Do I Need Just a Chin Augmentation or Are my Lips Too Large? (photo)

Decided on getting a a chin implant recently in cleveland OH, and was wondering if my lips were too large or if its my weak jaw making my lips more prominent? READ MORE

How Does One's Face Go from Weak Face to Masculine? (photo)

As in from the weak picture to the strong picture? will a chin implant(receding chin) and jaw exercise for a bigger masseter muscle help? Also what are some good Masseter... READ MORE

Can One Make His Cheekbone Wider?

I feel my face is too thin and that might be due to my weak cheeks. but I'm also really skinny so Im wondering: will my cheekBONE appear wider if i gain about 40lbs? or will i... READ MORE

I Want a Better Jawline. Will Chin Implant and Masseter Workouts Help?

I need the chin implant due to my receded chin. But I also want a thicker masseter area. How do I achieve this? I heard clenching helps but what else helps? I am currently... READ MORE

Does Weight Lifting Increase T Levels Enough to Affect Face?

When you lift it jacks up your testosterone, well in the male human body testosterone converts into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), an androgen, which is responsible for muscle... READ MORE

Chin Implant 2 Days Ago, Can It Feel It Under Neck?

I can feel the implant from the front of my chin all the way down to the incision. I also can't really feel the wings but I feel something hard underneath my neck. Is this... READ MORE

If I Feel my Implant, Does That Mean There's No Swelling?

When i feel around my chin, I feel the implant and nothing else. I'm 4 days post op and there seem to be no swelling on the left side. the chin area is really hard and the area... READ MORE

Chin Implant Swelling, What to Expect After Day 10?

I don't have any visible swelling left so I'm a little worried about they size of the implant. I feel like it looks unnatural and its uneven. typically, does the boxyness of... READ MORE

Does Weight Gain Widen Face?

I'm about 30lbs lighter than what i wanna be, will my face widen with weight gain? READ MORE

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how do i tell what is swelling and what is implant?

My chin area feels like a box. when i feel my chin, it feels like i'm feeling on the implant and I'm not really sure what is swelling and what is the actual implant? I'm 5 days... READ MORE

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Well for me he used medpor i believe. i think he used a large and at some angles i feel like my chin is that of a clowns. not sure how to post pics on the comment section READ COMMENT

I feel like that too, my chin feels boxy and i feel it might be making my face longer. i'm really hard under the chin and I'm not even sure if its swelling or implant. I'm also a week post op READ COMMENT

How was the swelling at around 5 days? I can't really tell what is swelling. when i feel my chin all i feel is the implant. so will my chin look less boxy after a week or two? so what I'm asking is: If I can't feel or see the swelling... READ COMMENT