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Consultation review: Rude and abrupt

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Eyelid Retraction Repair

19 Jul 2017, Created 2 months ago

Peter Levin, MD

1 out of 5 stars

I had a botched lower eyelid surgery (botched by another surgeon, not Dr. Levin). I had a revision consultation with Dr. Levin. He was rude, abrupt, and insulting. He told me that he would do the revision surgery if I wanted him to, but that he would take no responsibility for the results. I see that many people are happy with him and a few are not. This is just a guess, but perhaps he is rude... READ MORE

Questions from Elainey

Swelling on One Side 7 Weeks After Cheek Implant? (photo)

After surgery it was more swollen than other side. When I moved my head in certain positions or touched certain areas of the implant, it was extremely painful. Each day was... READ MORE

Is ArteFill a Good Alternative to Cheek Implants?

Had cheek implants about 3 months ago. They got infected and removed. My cheeks are very flat. What are the pros and cons between Fat Transfer and ArtiFill as an alternative to... READ MORE

Lower lid hollow and rounded, would AlloDerm give good results? (photo)

I am in my late 60's and have hollows in my lower eyelids and some rounding due to a previous surgery that was done many years ago (the doctor has since retired). I am I’m i... READ MORE

Oculoplastic surgeon recommendation?

Can you help with a recommendation for an Oculoplastic surgeon who does both AlloDerm and fat transfer, and is located in Northern California, south or noth bay area (San Jose,... READ MORE

Can using CO2/Erbium-Yag to laser resurface cause hyperpigmentation?

Plastic surgeon I went to recommended CO2/Erbium-Yag to laser resurface only around my mouth area, rather than full face, because I tend to get hyper-pigmentation. I am... READ MORE

Alloderm implant versus palette skin graft - lower eyelids

I am nearly 70 years old. Had previous lower eyelid surgery many years ago and fat was removed. Lower eyelid is now pulled down with scleral show. One eye has about 1/8"... READ MORE

How long does Alloderm graft last to correct sagging in lower eyelids?

Does Alloderm last as long as soft palette graft to fix sagging in lower eyelids? And how long can either expect to last? In my case the sagging is due to a previous lower... READ MORE

Does fat transfer work well for tear trough and hollows under mouth areas? (photos)

I would like to do something long-lasting and safe to fill in tear troughs and hollows on the sides of my mouth. Any suggestions? READ MORE

Which areas of the face does fat transfer work best? Does fat transfer work well to diminish marionette lines? (photo)

Reading the posts on realself, and the various problems that people have had with fat transfer, it is not clear to me which areas of the face that fat transfer works best:... READ MORE

Who are the best most experienced doctors for fat grafting?

I am particularly interested in doctors in northern California, but other areas as well. READ MORE

Hard palette graft vs. Enduragen vs. Alloderm?

Is there hope for fixing drooping lower lids caused by prior lid surgery? I know it will vary with each patient, but what is the approximate life of hard palette graft vs.... READ MORE

Discussions started by Elainey

Does anyone has experience with Alloderm tissue for sagging lower eyelids?

I'm especially interested in how long Alloderm lasts as compared with soft palette tissue READ MORE

Oculoplastic Surgeon in Bay Area, California - Does anyone have experience with Dr. Peter Levin

I need correction for a previous lower eyelid surgery. Dr. Peter Levin in Mountain View, California is the only Oculoplastic surgeon listed by ASOPRS in my area. I'm... READ MORE

Recent comments from Elainey

You said that Dr. Levin put in 'spacers'. Could you elaborate on what type of spacers and how they were put in? READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry about your experience. I was considering Dr. Guy Massry for corrective eye surgery. He has an excellent reputation but your review has put fear into me. READ COMMENT

I understand how devastating your experience is. There are several of us in the same boat, including me. I'm still trying to find a doctor I can trust to fix my eyelids. Thank you for warning others about doctor Weber. READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry for what you've been through! Which doctors have you consulted with for revision, and did you find one you could trust? READ COMMENT

Like Jazzy and Nevu, I'm interested in knowing more details. It would be helpful for you to label the photos: Before, 2 weeks, After, and so forth, because frankly I don't see a big before/after difference -- your eyes looked darn good... READ COMMENT