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What Should I Do About my Double Bubble? - New York

I got implants because my breasts were pretty saggy (I was only 28) and I've always wanted to have a great pair of breasts. I researched a ton, got recommendations from friends, and finally i chose a hotshot ny doctor, think that I'll get the best if I pay for the best. In retrospect I went in so naive because all I was concerned about was that he didn't make me too large. I had no clue I... READ MORE

Questions from Nycnyc123321

Will my Breasts Get Smaller and Project Forward Less? 9 Days Postop and Hope They Get Smaller, They Are Too Big. (phot0

335cc anatomical high projection silicone unders. I started out a deflated small 34B. The implants stick out a lot on the fronts and to the sides. Much more than i thought my... READ MORE

Natrelle 410 anatomicals submuscular- I am an acrobat and wonder if I will disturb them by practicing? Will they soften? (photo)

Will my 410 Natrelle anatomical 335ccMF implants ever feel soft? I'm 3 weeks post op and was a b before. Right now they are rock hard. They are still sore- feels like they are... READ MORE

Softness of 410 anatomicals under the muscle? (photo)

I have 335cc 410 allergan sub muscular implants. I'm 6 weeks postop and my breasts feel hard. Of they get pushed up or together it feels uncomfortable. How much will they... READ MORE

Is it rippling or Mindoro cord? Will it smooth out or is this it? 3.5 months postop. (photos)

3.5mo PO textured anatomical I noticed that if I run my finger along my outer breast there is a rippling feel. You can see about an inch of rippling on the outer breast (left... READ MORE

Is BA swelling 4mo post-op cause for concern?

I am 4 months postop with breast aug (allergan 410 submusc). I have gotten back to my normal workout routine and it's been fine, however yesterday I feetl a soreness in my... READ MORE

Do I need a post augmentation Breast Lift? 6 months postop and think I have snoopy effect. (photos)

My natural breast seems to be loose and hanging off of my implant. I have 335cc allergan teardrop (mf) submuscular implants. When I brought this up with my doctor a few months... READ MORE

The lower pole of my breasts have an indent. Have I Bottomed out? What is the next step? (photos)

The lower pole of my breasts have an indent in them. It seems as if my breasts are hanging off my implant. Also, my breasts indent a lot more when I flex my pec , it's... READ MORE

I have double bubble 9mo postop. My doctor wants to do fat injections. What should I do? Did my doctor do a poor job? (Photo)

I'm 9months PO. I had a breast aug with 335 allergan 410MF implants. I have double bubble and my implants are wide. My doctor wants to do fat injections in the cleavage and... READ MORE

Scars 11 months postop - are these normal? Will they fade? Are they too long? (Photo)

I am11 months PO with 335cc natrelle 410s. My surgeon said he had to make incisions this size in order to get implant in. They seem pretty long. Will they fade? At 11 months... READ MORE

What are the risks of fat grafting & muffin top lipo for double bubble and to smooth out bony chest? (photos)

1yrPO with sub muscular silicone 335cc. I had tuberous breasts so my doc lowered the fold now I have a double bubble. He said the only way to fix it is through fat... READ MORE

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Has anyone had 335cc textured anatomicals?

I am 10 days postop and fear my doctor went too big.  I am 5'4, athletic 125lbs, and he went with medium profile, full projection.  I asked for a subtle change that... READ MORE

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They were never super high. My doctor said he doesn't implant them in such a way where they drop and fluff READ COMMENT

Be careful. I worry that these implants are so new that doctors aren't as experienced with them. My doctor pushed them on me, as if they were my best option. And I wonder if the smooth implants would have been any different (except... READ COMMENT

Thanks for your response. Glad it worked out for you! READ COMMENT

I also had dermatitis that looked exactly like yours, about 2 weeks postop, only mine was on my back. It freaked me out but It's quite common. Make sure you wash the bra... I think the antibiotics may cause it and it will resolve on... READ COMMENT