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Looking for surgery buddy 7/12/17

Brazilian Butt Lift

14 Feb 2017, Updated 5 months ago

Hello, so this is the first of many.. right now I'm looking for surgery buddies and suggestions on where to buy garment (how sizing works, not knowing post surgery size) liposuction boards and other supplies as cheap as possible without sacrificing quality. I'm a mom of one, I've been... READ MORE

Permalip - Buffalo NY

I had my permalip implants put in yesterday. 5mm on upper and 4mm on lower.I didn't feel a thing during the procedure.Needles used to numb my mouth were uncomfortable but nothing extreme.I will say being awake during procedure was a lil stressful. But not painful. ALOT OF SWELLING on day 2 but my PS warned me of that. Updates to follow! All ?'s welcome I know I'm trying to figure out how to... READ MORE

Questions from Sofii

I Want Permalip but Can Only Afford One at a Time, Help?

I usually get two syringes of juvederm in upper and lower lips. I want to get the permalip implnt in both but I get paid lum sums every two to three months. So I can only... READ MORE

I Think I'm the First Patient Getting Permalip from Reputable Doctor, Safe?

Scheduled to get permalip implants on top and bottom lips. 5mm on top 4 mm on lower.I realized when I asked for before and after photos I was ignored and the subject changed... READ MORE

Can I stretch my lips after 6 months to try to widen my smile or am I wasting my time? Please see detailed question

I've had the permalip implants. Luv them but I didn't do as much stretching exercises as I should have. Now when I smile it looks weird. The corners of my mouth do not go back... READ MORE

I have large Permalip implant in both lips. I want permanent results. Do you recommend something different? (photos)

I have large Permalip implant in both lips but still small what procedure can I add that is perm? V y plasty ? Do u recommend something different? Keeping in mind scar tissue. READ MORE

What are my options after bad permalip surgery? (Photo)

It's not the PS THAT DID A BAD JOB, I don't think. I've had lg permalip placed in top and bottom, I loved them at first , but i think scar tissue has formed because of me not... READ MORE

How long does someone have to wear compression garment after lipo/BBL?

How long does someone have to wear compression garmet after lipo/bbl? How long should I wear lipo board aND foam? READ MORE

Suboxone and surgery?

I take about 2 to 4 mg of suboxone daily, Im Having cosmetic surgery using a block and P.O. midazolam , is the suboxone going to affect it or cause complications? READ MORE

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Help Can't Send Deposit to Duran

I cant send deposit to duran. I've tried everything. Western union, money gram,xoom ,share money, none of them will let me send money. I don't have a bank account at a place... READ MORE

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I'm arriving on the 10th but surgery on the 12th, staying at serenity2,. READ COMMENT

I experienced the exact same thing ! An now mine look great and not fake or duck like at all! It may take another week or so. Try not to worry ;) READ COMMENT

Have no fear!! It is not the final look. Your still swollen. It should end up looking natural. The "duck" phase is the last before they start to look natural but fuller. Day by day the swelling will go down. Just give it time and try... READ COMMENT

Hello. I wanted to thank you for your posts and pics. I was going to go with the 4mm implants but after reading your posts and seeing your pics I decided I only wanted to do this once and went with the large and I am so glad I did!!... READ COMMENT