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It's super exciting isn't it! I went for 435 cc in the end I think - the middle of my three options. I think there was 395, 435 and 455 on the table, or something similar. They were high profile, and i'm apparently quite broad across... READ COMMENT

Hello I am really happy with mine, a year on! Definitely not torpedoes anymore :) So natural that when I confide in people they are genuinely surprised. One male friend who knew a couple of girls who had in done in Thailand was stunned... READ COMMENT

Hello, I'm just browsing realself as I do every once in a while and wanted to say that I know how you feel. I suffered teenage acne and went on every medicine up to and including roaccutane, which always worked when I was on it and... READ COMMENT

Hey there, I had m surgery with Tim too, I'm at 3.5 weeks in so following your experience closely! We had the same cc's - mine look smaller than yours though, I didn't have as much to start with as you. Let us know how you go at your... READ COMMENT