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So Excited! - Folsom, CA

Broke my nose when I was 15 and now that I'm 21 I'm ready to go through with the surgery that I've always knew I wanted but was to scared to dosince I have bad anxiety and panic attacks.  super ready for the procedure with dr. shair m. in folsom. my main concern at this point is waking up feeling sick, I HATE feeling sick. but it will be very temporary and they have meds for that... READ MORE

Questions from Japyne

Could I Possibly Get These Results from Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I would like to know if its a realistic rhinoplasty to remove my hump and refine my tip and make it a little smaller with over all less projection of my nose, like these... READ MORE

Is There Any Possible Way That I Can Recieve Corhne's Disease After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm scheduled to receive my rhinoplasty at the end of the month. What I'm slightly worried about if there is a chance of getting Corhne's disease through the procedure. Why I'm... READ MORE

Keloid Scar from Nostril Piercing, Will It Affect Placement After Rhinoplasty?

I have two scars from previous nostril piercings, will these scars move from the placement they are in now? READ MORE

My Nose is Really Swollen but Am I Still Going to Get the Look I Want?

I feel like my tip is almost droopy looking. I thought it would look more upturned especially when I got hit this open rhinoplasty procedure ten days ago. I know I'm being... READ MORE

Two Months Post OP, No Slope on my Profile and a Bump on my Tip, Will This Get Better? (photo)

I don't see any kind of slope at all, at first I saw a slight slope after the cast off came off now its pretty straight and masculine looking.There is also a slight bump on the... READ MORE

Will This Ever Stop? (photo)

Every time I breathe in my nose looks like I'm purposely sucking inwards and when I exhale through my nose my tip and nasal passages look puffy..? it's also uneven at the tip..... READ MORE

should I trust the same doctor to perform a Rhinoplasty Revision? (photos)

I had a rhinoplasty on May 28th 2013 and I'm not at all pleased with the results. I'm worried he will be irritated with me since he offered to fix it for free but I have doubt... READ MORE

Could filler in my columella give the effect of the tip looking raised? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty two and a half years ago and feel as if the tip of my nose looked better before the procedure. I wish my bridge had more of a curve but my main concern is the... READ MORE

Recent comments from Japyne

My nose was a complete mess at that time. your nose is super swollen, I saw a difference in my nose a little later than five months. I'm still dissatisfied with mine though. but I bet your nostrils will get ... READ COMMENT

No I changed my mind since I didnt want to return to.schoool with a swollen nose. I will be getting a revison in summer. READ COMMENT

Thanks girl Your going to be totally fine it feels like a crazy dream. READ COMMENT

Dont go to him. READ COMMENT

My profile is better than it was before. And thank you READ COMMENT