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Unhappy with Result of Blepharoplasty and Mid Facelift for Eye Bags - Australia

Treatment was a mid face lift/blepharoplasty performed via transcutaneous incisions. Obicularis sewn to periostium. This was unsuccessful as my lower eyelid became retracted almost immediately. I developed considerable lower scleral show and accompanying foreign body sensation and tearing. My eye shape was totally altered. Outer lower half was sloping downwards. I had a canthopexy and... READ MORE

Questions from ernurse

Redo Canthopexy to Correct Eye Shape?

I had a Blepharoplasty and a midface lift. My eyeshape was altered in such a way that the lower outer half slopes downwards. I had a canthopexy and tarsal strip procedure to... READ MORE

Failed Midface Lift, Failed Canthopexy, Hard Palate Grafts Bilaterly & Canthopexy Repeat

Left eye looks good,lower lid in good position, right eye lateral lower lid again drooping and round looking.I have exposure symptoms too. This eye most damaged by MFL,very... READ MORE

Should Restylane Be Injected to the Lateral Area of the Eyes?

I have quite a noticeable hollow in the lateral area of my left eye when I is though the muscle does not come up high enough. I also have hollows in the temple area... READ MORE

Restylane in Palpebro Malar Groove?

I have asked this before but I only used the expression lateral lower eyelid..I have had some restylane SubQ which has improved things, but I still have considerable hollowing... READ MORE

Hard Palate Grafts and Watery Eyes, What's Wrong?

Post a failed MFL I have bilateral lower HPG. The one in my R eye is in a different spot to the left due to initial failure to elevate lid. My left eye is vertically wider and... READ MORE

Surgery Options for Continual Bilateral Watery Eyes

Acknowledging replys to my earlier question. It has been 12 months since last surgery. OP is reluctant for more-as all appears stable atm (L developed entropion requiring... READ MORE

I Want to Find a Dentist in Orlando Who is Familiar with Intra Lock Brand Implants?

I am new to the Orlando area and need to find a dentist who will remove my and clean my all on 5 upper denture. I have Intra Lock brand implants & they dont seem to be used... READ MORE

Alignment of All On 5 upper implants, is it correct?

My all on 5 upper denture does not follow the line of my lower teeth. I had this done in Thailand 2 years ago and have been reasonably happy with the function...other dentists... READ MORE

Do I need gum graft due to recession over All on 5 implant? (Photo)

I have had "all on 5" upper for 4 years. Recently I have gum recession around front left implant. It is not sensitive. However the other front implant area IS sensitive. No... READ MORE

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doc to address lower eyelid hollowness post MFL.

I trying to find a doc to address lower eyelid hollowness after failed mid face lift 4 years ago. I have had bilateral hard palate grafts and am left with some assymetry. My... READ MORE

Has anyone had revision eyelid/midface surgery with Dr Steinsepir?

I have had a failed midface lift 4.5 years ago,which caused an entropion and retraction. I have had around 6 corrective procedures including hard palate grafts. I am left with... READ MORE

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Well said! It can be a real eye opener to see how surgeons react when we make a complaint. They all have very fragile egoes and do not take criticism well. READ COMMENT

I too have had terrible eye surgery. This happened 10 years ago now. You will NEVER get a surgeon to admit guilt or that they made a mistake,or did not have the knowledge to undertake the procedure. This is partly their own egoes and... READ COMMENT

Unfortunately I am not surprised. Dr's have huge egos. They do not want to admit that they don't know or that they have made a mistake. Bury him.. help save others from this doc. You are doing the public a huge favor. READ COMMENT

The reply from your doctor is the as expected, standard reply. No doctor will ever admit error despite official suggestion by the medical fraternity that transparency works best. Their ego is way too big/ fragile for this A refund... READ COMMENT