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Getting Rid of Sun Spots - Ann Arbor, MI

I have a lot of sun spots on my arms that I have been wanting to get rid of for a while. I have also been noticing some sun damage on my face as well. I bought a groupon for 2 IPL facial sessions at Procerus skin care in Ann Arbor MI. I have never bought a groupon before but since I have been wanting this treatment for a while I decided to purchase it for my face and go ahead and get my arms... READ MORE

I am loving my new nose!

I really want to get nose surgery soon! I have always hated my nose! Every time I see a picture of myself its all that I notice about the picture and it annoys me! Its too big and I hate the tip. I have wanted this done since I was in elementary school and I finally I can afford this surgery. I have my first appointment tomorrow with a Dr. who specializes in Nose surgery. I can't wait to take... READ MORE

Adult Acne- Why Me? - Novi, MI

I decided to go to the dermatologist for acne that I have been dealing with since I was a teenager. I am 28 now and I'm still dealing with it. I always acne on my face especially on my cheeks and it gets worse before my period. I usually try covering it up with makeup. I was using murad acne cleanser, a glycolic acid based toner and acne free benzolyal peroxide based lotion and murad spf 30... READ MORE

Going Bigger and Fixing Bottoming out -Bloomfield Hills, MI

I had 350 CC HP filled to 360 (L) and 375 (R) implants last may. I immediately knew that they were going to be too small and was unhappy for a while. Then my left implant just kept dropping and now it looks kinda weird. So I am going to take the opportunity to get internal sutures and also go up in size. The size I am thinking will be Natrelle 465 HP filled to 505 cc saline. I wanted to go... READ MORE

I had my revision! 500cc hp silicone :)

I have been waiting my whole life to have breast implants and I am finally doing it on May 1st! My breast have always been small a 34 a cup. I am 5'4 and 120 llbs. At first I was worried that people would notice so I was thinking of only going for a 350 cc saline high profile. I tried on the 350 cc sizers and they looked great but I heard that you lose 50 cc's going under the muscle. Now... READ MORE

Questions from kris03

What Size Will 350 Cc High Profile Saline Implants Bring Me to if I Am a 34a?

I am 5'4 and 120 llbs and wear a 34a bra. I am scheduled to have 350 cc implants (possibly filling it to 375 cc). I want to be a full c. I am worried that I should have picked... READ MORE

Will 400 Cc High Profile Implants Be Suitable for my Frame? (photo)

I'm 5'4 120 llbs and currently a 34a. I am considering 400 cc implants. I also was thinking 350cc implants looked nice too with the sizers on but I don't want to regret going... READ MORE

How Many Days Should I Take off of Work for Breast Implant Surgery?

I work as a hairstylist and I'm constantly moving around and lifting my arms. Sometimes it feels like a workout for my arms. I am getting breast implants and decided to take 7... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Fix Asymmetrical Breasts? (photo)

My breasts are slightly asymmetrical. I would like to have implants (350 to 400 cc range, saline). What can be done to improve the asymmetry? will filling one bigger than the... READ MORE

When Can I Work out After Breast Implants?

I work out often (a lot of cardio and running). I understand that I will have to refrain from this for a while but am wondering when is it ok to do a low impact workout... READ MORE

Average Cost for Going Bigger After First Breast Augmentation?

3 Weeks ago I received breast implants. 350-375cc HP. I am unhappy with the size-they are too small. I expected them to be bigger on my frame. I tried on 375 cc sizers and they... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, Is my Left Breast Bottoming Out? (photo)

I had implants 5 weeks ago (350 HP saline filled to 375 and 360) One is dropping too low. Is it bottoming out? I'm also feeling like they are too small and I'm noticing more... READ MORE

Is Increasing the Size of Implants a Good Idea/safe for Me? (photo)

I currently have 360 and 375cc HP saline implants and they are much smaller than I had anticipated. I am unhappy with the size and I'm considering asking my Dr. to redo the... READ MORE

I am considering 450 cc HP Saline. Will over-filling reduce rippling?

I currently have 350 cc HP filled to 360 (R) and 375 (L). They ripple too much and I want to go larger. If I were to have 450 CC high profile saline implants, what would you... READ MORE

I am bottoming out. Will internal sutures fix this even though I want to go up in size? (photo)

I am bottoming out. My left side is worse. I have 350 cc HP saline filled to 375. I am getting internal sutures in March and also going up in size. (500 CC HP silicone). If I... READ MORE

What will my recovery be like? (Photo)

I am getting internal sutures to fix an implant that is too low. I am also changing from my saline 350 HP to silicone 500cc HP. Will my recover be similar to the first surgery?... READ MORE

Is 8 months enough recovery time for rhinoplasty before getting married?

I am planning to get married 8 months after rhinoplasty. Will this be enough time for the swelling to go away? What can I expect 8 months post op? Thank you! READ MORE

Will I need to reschedule rhinoplasty because of an eye injury?

I am scheduled for rhynoplasty in 1 week. On Friday, 2 days ago, my cat clawed my eye and now I have a cornea laceration. The doctor gave me amoxicillin and antibiotic eye gel... READ MORE

I have a cold. I am sneezing, coughing and have congestion. Should I postpone surgery?

I am scheduled for rhinoplasty on Monday morning. It's Saturday and I have a cold. Will my doctor still perform my surgery? READ MORE

I hit my nose 9 days post op. It's super swollen and hurts. What do I do now? (photo)

I hit my nose on accident 9 days after rhinoplasty and septioplasty. It hurts pretty bad and it did bleed a little. Immediately after it was hit, my nose started swelling up a... READ MORE

What can be done to correct asymmetry of lips? (Photo)

I feel as though my bottom lip looks like its more full on one side than the other. I would like my smile to appear symmetrical. What are my options? Thanks! READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for fillers? (photos)

I'm considering fillers to add volume to my cheeks because I feel they are a bit too flat. I'm 31. Is this too young to start fillers? Am I a good candidate for fillers? I want... READ MORE

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