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Will Chin Implant Improve my Profile? Am I a Good Candidate for It? (photo)

Am i a good candidate for chin implant...and how should be my chin then?are silicons best for chin implant?what is teeth disalignment ?how could i know if i have teeth... READ MORE

Do I Need Just Nostril Reduction or Whole Rhinoplasty? Would a Chin Implant Be Good or Not? (photo)

I think i need an nostril reduction as you can see my nosetrils are flarred ... what u think about my nose? do i need full rhino or just alarplasty alone? and what is the best... READ MORE

Please Help Me to Determine What is Right Implant Size and Style I Should Select And....how Rhinoplasty Can Help Me? (photo)

I wants to know that what is the best size and style for my chin implant and is there any risk for getting an extra large size as i think i need most prominent chin....and... READ MORE

Will Terino Square Chin Style 1 Suits Me? (photo)

I want good anterior projection and a mnasqulin look...help me to choose chin implant size. READ MORE

Can I use Minoxidil 5 with other hair oil? (Photo)

I wanted to know that can i use keratin enriched hair oil while using minoxidil 5? and i slightly have hair regrow naturally..so will minoxidil 5 works better on such... READ MORE

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Can u pleas tell me which type of implant did u used???? READ COMMENT

Dr Narendra pandey and Dr Manoj Kumar Manwani......i heard a lot about them and i think they r the best...specially Dr Narendra pandey##** highly recomended.... READ COMMENT