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Will my Areola Revert Back to Normal Size with Going to a Smaller Implant?

My first implants ruptures were cohesive gel moved here a dr removed em put new implants in and so much tissue was removed that the incison on one areao would not heal and end... READ MORE

I Had a Revision and Just over 2 Months Post Op Did a Areola Revision and One Part of It is Open? (photo)

I have part open incision not sure if it will need to be resurgical sutured again. I had steri strips on it and they were removed but I put on butterfly bandages and then... READ MORE

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Capsular is so hard to explain to those who have never had and hopefully they never do. Myself I have had ruptured implants and 2 separate capsulers and scar tissue. I this time massage and massage and since my areola revision, I am... READ COMMENT

Congrats and I hope you have a speedy healthy recovery... and that you love your boobs. READ COMMENT

I don't know much on the silicon but I had the cohesive gummi implants done in Canada in 2003 and both my implants ruptured and had capsular and they left a nasty mess just think of a gummi at what 98.6 tempture and rupturing a goopy... READ COMMENT

Hi thank you so much READ COMMENT

I don't recommend to big of implants. It can make for messy later if you need to re do them later. I have been through 3 surgeons and 4 surgeries and finally getting a nice result with the over big implants that made my pockets... READ COMMENT