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This Was a Repair / Revision Update - Beverly Hills, CA

Recently I noticed I could not breath out of my left nostril. I had already had a great rhinoplasty five years ago now I had this problem. I returned to my plastic surgeon only to find out I had developed scar tissue in that nostril. A rhinoplasty repair was the only option and since I had no real available ear cartilage I has a rib graft! My god I have never been in so much pain! But, eight... READ MORE

Great Facelift!

I was looking old and tired! I had a full facelift, neck lift brow-lift and silicone cheek implants. These procedures turned out so much better that I thought they would. The cheek implants were a " home run" filled out my face and gave me that chiseled look! The cheek implants were some what painful, but so very worth it!   I was able to upload my before pictures. Dr. Calvert had... READ MORE

Questions from villapark

My pectoral implant dislodged . Why?

My pectoral implant dislodged 4 months post op. Why would this happen? When are you past the Point of it happening again? READ MORE

Newly replaced pec implant! Large Seroma! What causes this ???

Had Seroma under left pec implant . Removed 17 tubes of blood! Filling up again. Do they need to be removed ? READ MORE

Surgeon might not have done the whole procedure - another surgeon did one half. How can I find out who the other surgeon was?

I have reason to believe my surgeon did not do the surgery we agreed on. He let it slip that an other surgeon did it. One side of the chest turned out very well. The other was... READ MORE

Is it possible after a rhinoplasty that was succesful to have the airway obstructed again?

My rhinoplasty I had done five years ago was great! Rally cleared things up. Now I noticed that one side seems blocked again. My GP told me to go back to the surgeon and ask... READ MORE

I have had silicone cheek implant with submalar extension. What is involved in removal and will my face sag?

I have had cheek implants for 6-7 years now. They are becoming more and more uncomfortable and sometimes painful. What will happen if I have these removed ? Will I sag? Where... READ MORE

How is silicone butt implants surgery performed?

I am 52 and in pretty good shape. I have no butt! I have had a facelift and pec implants they look great! Could someone please tell me how they perform this procedure. Where... READ MORE

Can someone please tell me about silicone cheek implant removal?

I had a mid facelift six years ago with submalar with lower extensions. Now one side of my mouth is really turned down! Looks like I am frowning bothe sides are turned down! I... READ MORE

Is there a difference between having frequent multiple Nerofibromas or Lipomas?

Is there a difference between having frequent multiple Nerofibromas or Lipomas? READ MORE

Dermal matrix?

First what is a Dermal Matrix? I'm getting older and while my neck is still tight my throat looks thin and kind of bony. Could this fill in that area and if so how would that... READ MORE

Am I too old to have my buccal fat pads removed?

I am 53. I have had a facelift cheek implants, jaw implants and a chin implant. My facelift and cheek implants were done seven years ago and still look great. I wanted that... READ MORE

Can I do another revision rhinoplasty?

Hello, I have had one revision rhinoplasty with a rib graft. It did not turn out well. Can I do an other? Would it require a rib graft? Would it be dangerous? READ MORE

is it ok to have fillers after a rib graft?

One more question please. My revision rhinoplasty turned out great except for the left nostril there's very little tissue if any at all. Just very soft skin. One year post opp... READ MORE

Removing silicone jaw implant. Is it a big deal?

Please tell me if its a big deal to remove a angled silicone jaw implant ? It has dislodged and now the side of my jaw and neck are sore and swollen . Can they put it back in?... READ MORE

Crooked nose. Can I get this fixed?

I had a revision rhinoplasty a year ago ( rib graft ) the tip and nose is firm that's fine. The nose is slightly crooked. Can I get this fixed? If so how? Am I asking for... READ MORE

Can I be awake when I have a jaw implant put in ?

Can I be awake when I have a jaw implant put in ? You know a Mac ? With a local ? READ MORE

Discussions started by villapark

Trust issues with your surgeon

How do handle a situation when you find out your plastic surgeon misrepresented himself and did not do the procedure ? Also when I asked the woman in the OR right before who... READ MORE

Recent comments from villapark

Yes. It dose sound reasonable. He has to make it right! You have one year from the surgery date I believe. My cheek and jaw implant stories are unimaginable! It's been a horrific experience. READ COMMENT

Wow! You really look fantastic! Very handsome, I was going to go bigger but my surgeon said no. You made a good choice. Six months into it I got a infection under the left jaw implant and it had to come out. I go back in on September 15... READ COMMENT

That should be buccal fat pad removal. ( don't you just love voice text ) READ COMMENT

Hello. I think you made the right decision . Due to infection I hade my left side removed. You are right there is such a slight difference between the two it really was not worth it. I'm going in next month to have the other removed.... READ COMMENT

This was extremely painful! I went back to him and he removed the implant cleaned out the scar tissue in the pocket put the implant back in and closed the pocket tighter this time. With in two months the implant dropped down in place... READ COMMENT