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Double Vision 7 Weeks Post PRK - Amman, Jordan

I had 4.5 estigmatism in each eye and was 1.25 shortsited, I couldnt see without glasses, after PRK it did get better, but I'm not sure what happened to me, doctors kind of disagreed, as my vision was getting better, at the 3th week my eyes got infected, some said virus, some said bacteria, some said allergy, my doctor first gave me Vegamox for a week, nothing happened, my eyes got worse, then... READ MORE

Questions from Linzy82

Is Having More Congestion Normal 3 Weeks Post Op of Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty?

I had my rhino & septoplasty 3 weeks ago, I had a real bad diviation that I was only able to breathe from my right nostril, after surgery; my left nostril was amazing, I... READ MORE

Double Vision 6 Weeks Post PRK and Real Bad Eye Pain and Headaches, is It Normal?

I had PRK 6 weeks ago, I had 4.50 degrees estigmatism in both eyes and was 1.25 shortsighted. Is it normal to still see double vision? It's only getting worse, I notice it most... READ MORE

Is It OK to Play Aerobics 5 Weeks After Rhinoseptoplasty?

I had my Rihno and Septo 5 weeks ago, my nostrils are not fully open now, Does aerobics exercising do harm to my nose or affect my results? Could it increase the swelling... READ MORE

Vaginal Opening Weird Extra Skin? (photo)

I have something like a baby finger that is 2-3 cm tall and half cm diameter sticking out from my vaginal opening, I've had it for years after sexual intercourse, I am not... READ MORE

Could a Valve Close After a Septorhinoplasty? I Am 6 Months Post Op, is It Fixed at the Clinic?

I had my septorhinoplasty 6 months ago, my nose gets blocked all the time but it feels better when I lay back slightly with my head leaning back, my right nostril is still... READ MORE

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Hello Sheila, No not really :) just like tge doctor said, I did everything he said, it took like 3 months after the operation to get to the good result, a couple of years later, I'm happy with the results, and thank God no... READ COMMENT

Thank you :) I'm glad she achieved the result she wanted. READ COMMENT