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Funny you say that! I actually tried to find them tonight at my grocery store and they did not have them. Where do you get them? Sorry about your right breast. I may have to have something done o my belly button- it has gotten very... READ COMMENT

Great to hear from you! My belly button feels the same. I'm still up 10 pounds. It just wont budge. I'm eating very clean- so not sure what else I can do! Pants still do not button:( I have to see my PS for pics in a couple of weeks and... READ COMMENT

How are you April MM ladies doing? I'm very happy with my breasts, but still not able to wear most of my clothes. Thought by now I'd be in them. I've tried everything from eating only salads/vegies to shakes etc and watching sodium... READ COMMENT

My abdomen is still numb, especially along the incision line, and around my naval. I cant button any of my pants either and regular dresses no longer zip around the top area. On a brighter note, most of my older triangle swim tops... READ COMMENT