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UPPER AND LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY 1MONTH POST-OP- I Think I Like my Before Photo Better Than my After Photo - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Not sure i like my new look- the eyes look kind of freaky i feel- i will give more details later I feel I look better/younger in the before photo! :( my eyes are not usually... READ MORE

44 Year Old Female is Reeeeally Glad She Did It! - Vancouver, BC, Canada

HI everyone! I had rhinoplasty 20 years ago in the small town I was living in at the time in Alberta. I was thrilled at the results then because I didn't know better lol (there was only 1 plastic surgeon in town) and he got rid of the hump I had on the bridge. Well, for the last decade or so I have noticed my nose looked kind of unnatural and funny. It had a double break point they call it and... READ MORE

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Hi there- can i ask if you have had good results since it has now been 5 months? are you able to share more photos? but if not, maybe you could just tell me if you feel it has made a difference? thanks READ COMMENT

Oh my gosh ritu, i think you look SOOOOOOOO gorgeous!!!!! you look waaaaay better than in your before photos- you look so sophisticated and elegant now- very lady-like- you truly are a beautiful woman! - please don't be so mean to... READ COMMENT

Thanks Jill!! I feel reeeeally good about it too now. Especially when I look at my old photos, holy lord I look sooooo much better I think! Thnx. :) READ COMMENT

KTA: your poor sis- i had an insanely brutal post-surgery reaction too- my conjunctival membranes were all gelatonous and bubbled and blood red too- also from trauma the p.s. said- i was quite worried that it would never heal! but it... READ COMMENT