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275 cc HP Implants ~ Saggy to Perky! :-)

So, a little about me. At the age of 15 I wore a 32D (matured quick!) which left me with lots of strech marks but with full and somewhat perky breasts. Fast forward some years later, in college i gained 20 pounds so my in last year of school I started kickboxing and lost the weight...leaving me with 34 C 'saggy' breasts. This is depressing... at ages 15-22 i had AMAZING breasts, and now at 23... READ MORE

Questions from wonderful_one

Am I a Candidate for the Benelli Breast Lift? (photo)

I'm 23 years old at 5'3, 130 pounds. I use to wear a 32DD until i lost 20 pounds which leaves me at wearing a 34 C now with saggy deflated breast... (i feel like it's loose... READ MORE

Can Lipo of Abdomen AND Breast Lift Be Done @ the Same Time?

Can lipo & breast lift be done at the same time?? im going to go forward with the lift (consultation next week) but now im thinking of getting lipo. Is this safe? READ MORE

I am 23 years old, 5'4 approx 135 pounds with no kids. Am I a Candidate for Liposuction? (Photo)

Am i a candidate for liposuction? I am 23 years old, 5'4 approx 135 pounds with no kids. I work out 4-5 days a week with kickboxing/boxing class and try to hike or do something... READ MORE

Does Type of Implant Matter when You Are Getting a Breast Lift W/ Small Implant?

I had a consultation with a doctor who said i will need a full anchor lift and for the most desirable results, small implants. I always heard silicone was the most natural... READ MORE

Are Chest Exercises a "No-No" After Breast Implants?

I'm fairly active in the sense i do kickboxing workouts that involves a lot of chest muscles. I'm getting implants (275cc'sundermuscle) next friday. I understand that i should... READ MORE

What Fades/eliminates Dark Spots & Freckles? (Photo)

I understand my bad decisions of tanning have led to my freckles darkening. I've decided to STOP tanning by using 50 SPF sunscreen but now I want to eliminate or fade the... READ MORE

Fine lines around mouth in young 20's? (photo)

Im only 23 with fine lines around the mouth in relaxed postion which make me look older and unhealthy. How can I fix this? Or at least make it not so noticeable? What are my... READ MORE

Best treatment for marionette lines for a young person? (Photo)

What's the best treatment to reduce and prevent marionette lines ? Chemical peel ? Fillers ? Both ? And what cost am I looking at (estimate). I'm 24 years old and I'm noticing... READ MORE

Will a chemical peel and botox give me the results I am looking for? (Photo)

Is there a way I can recover my face from years of sun exposure and bad genetics? I am only 25 and feel like I have the face of 45! Will chemical peel achieve freshening my... READ MORE

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Omgosh congrats girl!! I can't wait to see your after pictures :-) what size did you get?? READ COMMENT

Did the discoloration ever go away? What place did you have this done at? I am considering getting laser hair removal in the Greenville area and want to avoid this place. READ COMMENT

I don't wish I went either...I would of been ok going bigger though (maybe 325 at max) but would of not liked going smaller. My bwd is 12...my chest is super narrow READ COMMENT

Your incisions look great !! Your scars are going to be barely noticeable... Happy healing! READ COMMENT